Logger Node Configuration

In all Multi-Server installation in which the Logger is installed on a dedicated node, it needs a specific configuration, as its purpose is to collect all log files from the other nodes. Once configured, the other nodes must be set up to use the Logger node.

Logger Node Setup

On the Logger node, open file /etc/rsyslog.conf, find the following lines, and uncomment them (i.e., remove the # character at the beginning of the line).

$ModLoad imudp
$UDPServerRun 514

$ModLoad imtcp
$TCPServerRun 514

Then, restart the rsyslog service.

# systemctl restart rsyslog

Finally, initialise the logging service for all nodes.

# su - zextras -c "/opt/zextras/libexec/zmloggerinit"

Other Nodes Setup

Once the Logger node has properly been initialised, on all other nodes, execute

# /opt/zextras/libexec/zmsyslogsetup  && service rsyslog restart