What is Carbonio CE?

Zextras Carbonio CE is the free and open-source e-mail and collaboration software, which consists of

  • E-mail, Contacts and Calendar Essentials, all shareable across a domain

  • A complete mailserver, equipped with anti-spam and anti-virus software

  • Chat and Videochats

  • File Management System including collaborative editing and document sharing

Strong points of Carbonio CE include:

  • focus on Data Sovereignty and Privacy

  • simplicity to install as Linux packages and ready to use out of the box

  • flexibility to cover the needs of today’s collaborative workplaces


Zextras Carbonio CE is Open Source and can be downloaded for free.

Available Languages

Carbonio CE's main language is English, and the following languages are also included:

English (GB, US, AU)




Portuguese (PT, BR)









Simplified Chinese

Volunteer Translators

Zextras makes available an online translation platform to those qualified individuals wishing to help the translation process.

Translation in languages that are not currently supported is encouraged, albeit we cannot guarantee any estimate upon the official inclusion in the product.

Please contact for any information on the topic or to volunteer as a translator.

Contribution to the Documentation

We are in the process of putting the Carbonio-CE documentation on a public repository in order to allow contributions via pull request. In the meantime, if you want to help, we are happy to accept any kind of documentation. You can send your writings to .

Seeking Help on Carbonio CE

Besides this documentation, Zextras makes available the following online resources:


Zextras Community is a collection of articles, guidelines, howtos, and other useful material about Zextras products, including Carbonio CE, whose dedicated section is

Official Discussion Forum

The Official Forum is the place where the community members interact, search for useful resources, provide own feedback, share their experiences, or comment articles. Carbonio CE has its own section