Release Notes for Carbonio CE

This section lists the most important changes in version 23.1.0 of Carbonio CE. The full Changelog can be found in section Full Changelog for Carbonio CE

IRIS-3235: Copy existing calendar events

Users can now quickly and easily copy existing calendar events and create multiple instances of the same event, automatically filling out the relevant information.

IRIS-3506: “Emailed Contacts” in alphabetical order

Now you can sort all of your emailed contacts in alphabetical order which makes the searching and managing of these contacts easier and more convenient.

CO-367: Sharing consul credentials among other servers

In a multi-server environment, sharing or coping service-discover-server credentials to all other servers is easier than ever during the installation.

AC-236: Managing domain certificate

Domain admin can now verify the certificate pointed to their domain. And they will also be able to upload that certificate from their domain admin panel.

AC-91: More control for admins over user

Admins can now terminate the current user session. They can also terminate multiple or all users’ sessions.