Remove Carbonio Logger

The carbonio-logger service was removed in version 23.3.0, because the upstream software is no longer maintained and not suited for Carbonio anymore.

In this section we guide you in the complete removal of the service from a Carbonio CE installation, in three steps: remove the package, then the directories, and finally the service.


In a Multi-Server installation, all the commands below must be run on the node on which the Logger is installed.

If you need to redirect the log files produced by syslog to a centralised server, you can refer to section Centralised Logging Configuration.

Remove Logger Package

The carbonio-logger package is no longer needed in Carbonio CE installations and can be removed. You can verify that it is still present on the system with the following commands

# apt list carbonio-logger
carbonio-logger/focal,now 4.0.19-1ubuntu1~focal amd64 [installed]


If the string [installed] is not present in the output, the package was already removed.

# dnf list installed carbonio-logger
carbonio-logger.x86_64     4.0.19-1     zextras


This command returns the message Error: No matching Packages to list if the package is not installed

If the package is not installed, you can skip to the next section

To remove the package, execute the command


Pay attention that if you still have installed the carbonio-ce meta-package, the command below may remove other Carbonio CE components.

# apt remove -y carbonio-logger
# dnf remove carbonio-logger

Remove Logger Directories

In some cases, during the upgrade procedure, a warning will warn that the logger directory and its sub-directories is not empty and cannot be deleted. For example, on Ubuntu:

dpkg: warning: unable to delete old directory '/opt/zextras/logger/db/data': Directory not empty
dpkg: warning: unable to delete old directory '/opt/zextras/logger/db': Directory not empty
dpkg: warning: unable to delete old directory '/opt/zextras/logger': Directory not empty

These directories are no longer used and contain data relevant only for the logger, so you can safely remove them

# rm -rf /opt/zextras/logger

Remove Logger Service

The final step is to remove the service from the Carbonio CE installation, in which LOGGER_SRV_HOSTNAME is the hostname of the node where the Logger was installed.

zextras$ carbonio prov ms LOGGER_SRV_HOSTNAME -zimbraServiceEnabled \
-zimbraServiceInstalled logger