Integrated Services of Carbonio

Several software and functionalities are included by default in Carbonio that help manage the flow of emails and intercept malicious content in the e-mail and in their attachments. Moreover, permissions can be assigned to specific users and delegate them for the management of parts of the Carbonio server. This section briefly introduces them.

Anti-Virus and Anti-Spam Protection

The Amavisd utility is the interface between the Carbonio MTA and the Clam Anti-Virus (ClamAV) and SpamAssassin software, which provide anti-Virus and anti-Spam features respectively.

Anti-Virus Protection

ClamAV is the de-facto Open Source standard for anti-viruses software and is the virus protection engine enabled for each Carbonio server,

ClamAv is configured to move messages that have been identified as carrying a virus out from the Inbox into the dedicated virus quarantine mailbox. Update to ClamAv virus signatures are downloaded by default every two hours.

Anti-Spam Protection

Carbonio uses SpamAssassin to identify unsolicited commercial e-mail (spam) or e-mail containing malicious content with the help of signatures stored in either the BerkeleyDB or a MariaDB database.

The use of the Postscreen function can be activated to provide additional protection against mail server overload.

Accessing Qurantined e-mails

Accessing the E-mails that have been stored in the quarantine mailbox are not accessible to a regular user and are saved in a special account that can not be reached from the accounts list.

To find quarantined e-mails, you need to log in to the domain with as Administrator, or as a Delegated Admin with access to the quarantine, and search for the keyword virus in the search box. The result will be an account with a name similar to virus-quarantine.<string>, in which <string> is a random-generated string. Right-click on it and select the View mail option. This will open the mailbox for that account, in which you can check the e-mails.