The Carbonio Shell

The Carbonio Shell is an interactive shell that allows to execute Carbonio’s commands. To launch it, simply login via console to Carbonio and run

# carbonio

The prompt will change into carbonio> and you will be able to use tab for auto-completion. All commands you execute are stored in the command history, so they are all available in the same place and can be easily found.

In the shell, use only the sub-command and parameters, removing the initial carbonio. For example, command

# carbonio chats clusterstatus

can be run in Carbonio Shell as

carbonio> chats clusterstatus

The Carbonio Shell supports all carbonio commands, including provisioning (i.e., carbonio prov) commands.

To launch multiple carbonio commands, you can save them in a file (called carbonio-commands.txt here) and pipe them to the carbonio shell. For example, consider file carbonio-commands.txt containing the commands:

prov ca ''
prov sp password
mobile doAddAccountLogger debug /tmp/
prov ma zimbraFeatureMobileSyncEnabled TRUE
prov sm cf /test
prov sm addMessage /test /tmp/email.eml
prov ma zimbraFeatureMobileSyncEnabled FALSE
prov da ''
prov fc all

All these command can be executed as

# cat carbonio-commands.txt | carbonio

This proves useful, for example, when finding a procedure that requires to execute a set of carbonio commands: copy tand paste them into a file and run all of them sequentially without the need to copy and paste each single command.