Carbonio Admin Panel

Carbonio Admin Panel is the component that allows access to the administration functionalities of Carbonio and is installed by default from Carbonio 22.11.0 onwards. It is not available for previous versions, but can be installed after upgrading to that version, see Upgrade to Carbonio 22.11.0.

Like for every other component, it can be reached using a supported browser and point it to, replacing with your domain.

To access the Carbonio Admin Panel, the default user is, whose password should be changed after the first installation using the command shown in Create System User.

Carbonio Admin Panel allows to manage the Carbonio domains, mailstores, accounts, COS, and privacy settings. The overall organisation of the panel is similar to the others components: a the Top Bar allows quick creation of a new domain or COS, while navigation items are on the left-hand side.

A dedicated Administration Guide featuring directions and advises to carry out the most common tasks will be added soon.