Carbonio Management

In this section we introduce some important management tasks for advanced Carbonio features. Currently, these topics are available:

Carbonio VideoServer is a WebRTC stream aggregator, used by the Carbonio Chats component to improve performances and scalability.

Carbonio Backup introduces the architecture of Carbonio Backup and the various alternatives to create backups of the data and metadata stored in a Carbonio installation.

Backup Restore Strategies describes the methods available to recover items, accounts, or whole domains.

Backup Advanced techniques presents how to use the backup in some advanced and less usual scenarios, like disaster recovery and unrestorable items Carbonio Mesh, a service discover tool based on Consul, that allows Carbonio components to communicate with each other in a secure way.

Integration of External Services provides step by step directions to integrate external servicesservices not running on a cluster or on a Carbonio instance using Carbonio Mesh.

Logger Node Configuration contains the setup needed on a dedicated Logger Node within a Multi-Server installation.

Update Multi-Server SSH keys, which allows to keep SSH keys updated across the nodes of a Multi-Server installation.