Product Intenationalization and Translation is still in beta stage. Incomplete or imperfect translations are to be expected.

Product Internationalization

Zextras Suite and its zimlets are available in all languages officially supported by Zimbra.

Unofficial languages can still be used but are not officially supported and require the language to be added to Zimbra.

Available Languages

Zextras Suite’s main language is English, and the following languages are also included:

Languages in bold are considered completed and out of Beta

English (GB, US, AU)





Portuguese (PT, BR)



Simplified Chinese




This includes both the Client components (Drive, Team and Docs Zimlets, plus the Client Zimlet and any other collateral client entity) and, to our best effort, the Zextras Administration Zimlet.

The Zextras CLI is not internationalized nor translated and there are no current plans to do so.

Volunteer Translators

Zextras makes available an online translation platform to those qualified individuals wishing to help the translation process.

Translation in languages that are not currently supported by Zimbra is encouraged, albeit we cannot guarantee any estimate upon the official inclusion in the product.

Please contact translators[ at ]zextras.com for any information on the topic or to volunteer as a translator.