Zextras Auth is backward-compatible with Zimbra Custom Auth, it can manage QR Authentication form Mobile App (Team / Drive) along with multiple EAS Credential and provides a single point for the User Gateway Management (aka User Profile)

Data Storage

All Zextras Auth data - including passwords and tokens - is saved in a local HSQL database.

All passwords, tokens and sensitive information are stored in hashed form using the SHA256 algorithm using auto-generated keys and no credential or sensitive information is ever stored cleartext.

Forcing Auth-only logins

Auth can be forced to be the only authentication provider at global or domain level by setting the authZextrasAuthenticationOnly Zextras Config property to True, e.g.:

  • zxsuite config global set attribute authZextrasAuthenticationOnly value true

  • zxsuite config domain set example.com attribute authZextrasAuthenticationOnly value true

Setting the property to false will revert back to the standard behavior, where both the Auth module and Zimbra’s own login provider are active.