Zextras Suite 3.1.3


Issue ID: BCK-365

Title: CoherencyCheck stopping procedure fixed

Description: Now the Coherency Check stops without checking server configurations if stop is sent before the check starts.

Notes: now the stop command is correctly handled

Issue ID: BCK-370

Title: Restore operation now preserve folders' colors

Description: Colors of folders are now preserved while restoring from an external source.

Notes: Zimbra is now more colorful

Issue ID: BCK-373

Title: Fixed restore of Drive revisions

Description: A bug that prevented the current version of a Drive document to be correctly restored in an external restore has been fixed.

Notes: now the external restore actually restores all files' versions

Issue ID: BCK-374

Title: Restore operation now preserves keep forever attribute in Drive

Description: The "keep forever" attribute of Drive file versions is now preserved on external restore.

Notes: keep forever attribute is now preserved

Issue ID: BCK-380

Title: Improve restore drive share loglines

Description: Improved restore operation loglines for drive shares so that no longer point to "new target"

Notes: restore lines for drive shared items have been changed


Issue ID: COR-374

Title: Notification panel redesign

Description: Based on customers' inquiries, the notifications' list and the operations' queue in the zimbraAdmin have been completely redesigned to be more clear and and easily usable by admins.

Notes: now the notifications' panel is more easy to use and clearer to read


Issue ID: DRIV-885

Title: Improve deleted shared drive items handling

Description: Drive shared items are now shown as striked in "shared with me" instead of being listed in the trash folder

Notes: Shared drive items marked for deletion are correctly shown in shared with me

Issue ID: DRIV-928

Title: A new command shows Drive quotas

Description: Upon customers' inquiry, a new CLI command has been added to read the Drive quotas.

Notes: known issue: help is not shown if no parameter is given


Issue ID: MOB-244

Title: getAllDevices now supports multiserver environments

Description: You can now use the getAllDevices command to ask the devices list to all store servers.

Notes: you can now have the list of all devices in all the infrastructure from a single server via CLI

Issue ID: MOB-246

Title: Fixed attachments in recurring appointments exceptions

Description: A bug that prevented the attachments in exceptions of recurring appointments to be downloaded has been fixed.

Notes: the bug has been fixed and the attachments can successfully be opened

Issue ID: MOB-256

Title: Calendar attachment deletion fixed

Description: Fixed a bug that prevented the calendar attachments to be deleted from synchronized devices.

Notes: works as expected


Issue ID: PS-257

Title: Centralized volumes as secondary store

Description: Centralized volumes now inherit the type on all the servers, if the centralized volume on the main server is created as secondary volume, then the centralized volumes that derive from it in other servers will be secondary too.

Notes: now you can have centralized secondary volumes too

Issue ID: PS-261

Title: DoCheckBlobs orphaned mailbox handling improvement

Description: Improved orphaned mailbox handling so that DoCheckBlobs no longer returns an error when one is found

Notes: no exception is logged anymore

Issue ID: PS-264

Title: Moveblobs log improvement

Description: Moveblobs log no longer contain a Dumpster log line if dumpster items were not included in the hsm policy

Notes: moveblobs logs are cleaner


Issue ID: TEAMS-1393

Title: Improved sharing link for instant meetings

Description: Links for joining instant meetings have been improved to easier share them avoiding errors.

Notes: no more encoding errors in sharing bug

Issue ID: TEAMS-1778

Title: Improved synchronization of Team’s database

Description: Now the Team nodes bulk insert users when populating rooms between different Team nodes

Notes: None

Issue ID: TEAMS-1782

Title: Move room errors fixed

Description: A bug that prevented the error messages to be logged when moving a single room between stores in a multiserver environment has been fixed.

Notes: now failure notifications are correctly reported on moving rooms

Issue ID: TEAMS-1783

Title: Unused rooms cleared daily

Description: A scheduler now cleans daily the Team rooms left without any member.

Notes: no more empty rooms left in the database

Issue ID: TEAMS-1809

Title: Improved Group name handling

Description: Group names no longer trigger an error during a file upload if their name contains characters that cannot be handled by drive

Notes: no error is returned

Issue ID: TEAMS-1821

Title: Team loading splash screen added

Description: A splash screen will be shown to the users while Team is loading.

Notes: splash screen is now shown to users while Team is loading

Issue ID: TEAMS-1827

Title: Improved Instant meeting creation

Description: When choosing to create a new instant meeting an option is now given to the user that must decide between creating a new one while terminating the existing one or abort the operation

Notes: feature implemented as expected

Issue ID: TEAMS-1831

Title: Anonymous user cleanup from room fix

Description: Fixed an issue that would cause certain anonymous users to be removed from rooms after 1 hour

Notes: instant meetings function reliably after the one hour mark

Issue ID: TEAMS-1833

Title: User status truncated at 256 chars length

Description: The setStatus handler now truncates the user status at 256 chars length to be compliant with the Team API.

Notes: setStatus is now compliant with the Team API

Issue ID: TEAMS-1836

Title: Instant meetings' and spaces' topic added on invite email

Description: To avoid Zimbra grouping invites to instant meetins and spaces, the topic has been added to the mail’s subject.

Notes: invites are no more grouped