Zextras Suite 3.1.5


Issue ID: AUTH-161

Title: Mobile password must be exclusive for EAS

Description: Fixed a bug that caused the account’s password to be usable for EAS synchronization even if a Mobile Password was set.

Notes: Working as intended

Issue ID: AUTH-170

Title: Improved "Domain configuration missing" notification

Description: Auth’s "Domain configuration missing" notification will now ignore domain alias and be sent at most once a day

Notes: Working as intended


Issue ID: BCK-404

Title: Fixed typo in smartscan email log

Description: Added a missing hyphen in the "smarstcan completed" mail.

Notes: mail has all the needed hyphens

Issue ID: BCK-406

Title: Backup volume on S3 creation fixed

Description: Fixed a bug that prevented the backup volume to be correctly created if S3 credentals are passed to the command.

Notes: you no more need to create the bucket before setting the backup volume on S3


Issue ID: COR-485

Title: Fixed drive startup switch

Description: Fixed an issue that would prevent an admin to disable drive at startup from the web admin console

Notes: The workaround zxsuite config server get zmhostname attribute isDriveEnabledOnStartup is no longer necessary

Issue ID: COR-504

Title: CLI commands input validation for email addresses

Description: Input validation has been added to CLI to warn the administrator when invalid email addresses are given.

Notes: More ease to understand CLI errors relative to email addresses


Issue ID: DOCS-103

Title: Sidebar hidden by default

Description: The sidebar is now hidden by default in Docs so the interface is more clear.

Notes: the workspace is clearer now

Issue ID: DOCS-105

Title: Unauthenticated access to documents redirected

Description: The unauthenticated access to documents is now redirected to the login page.

Notes: Unauthenticated accesses are now managed more efficiently


Issue ID: DRIV-993

Title: Fixed drive shares on distribution lists

Description: Fixed an issue that would prevent drive items to be shared to distribution lists

Notes: Shares are correctly created

Issue ID: DRIV-1002

Title: Updated zimbraXverstion to 4.0.0

Description: Updated zimbraXVersion value in the com_zimbra_drive_modern zimlet manifest

Notes: value has been updated


Issue ID: MOB-266

Title: Follow-up flag improvement

Description: Changed the logic of FlagType so mail sent via Exchange ActiveSync will not automatically have the follow-up flag.

Notes: sent emails no more have the follow-up flag set

Issue ID: MOB-276

Title: All day events added to incorrect day fixed

Description: Fixed a bug with the timezone that made the all day events created via Exchange ActiveSync to be added to the day before instead of the correct one on the webmail.

Notes: all day events created on the correct day


Issue ID: PS-260

Title: Deprecated drivesecondarystore value migration

Description: Added the automatic creation of an hsm rule to implement what was once done using the parameter driveSecondaryStore

Notes: the driveSecondaryStore value is emptied, a mail sent to the admin account and if no hsm rule covers documents a new rule is created

Issue ID: PS-271

Title: doCreateVolume command improved for centralized volumes

Description: doCreateVolume command improved to give the administrator feedback when run.

Notes: now admins are notificated about the command execution

Issue ID: PS-275

Title: Improved zxsuite online help

Description: Added further examples when invoking a docheckblobs operation without parameters

Notes: useful information about docheckblobs parameter are now available


Issue ID: TEAMS-1789

Title: Added Team account status awareness

Description: Team now verifies if the account status is "maintenance" and if not send or receive further messages for it.

Notes: account status is now honored

Issue ID: TEAMS-1873

Title: Added Instant message functions

Description: Added Edit, Delete, Forward, Reply to to messages in conversations, groups, channels.

Notes: new feature implemented and functional

Issue ID: TEAMS-1895

Title: None

Description: None

Notes: None

Issue ID: TEAMS-1938

Title: [TSE] Ticket #36850, Case 01043426

Description: User Report for issue TEAMS-1977

Notes: See TEAMS-1977

Issue ID: TEAMS-1970

Title: TEAM loading screen Improvement

Description: Improved TEAM opening screen, now an animation makes clear to the user that the application is loading

Notes: The new loading screen is functional

Issue ID: TEAMS-1987

Title: Fixed instant message text cleanup

Description: Fixed an issue that would would not clean the instant message textbox of the minichat when the message was sent from the TEAM tab using the send button instead of enter

Notes: Instant message text cleanup is now functional even when using the send button

Issue ID: TEAMS-2013

Title: Changed disable microphone behavior

Description: Changed the disable microphone behavio, now only the local device will be muted instead of all user’s devices

Notes: Disable microphone function now affects only one device

Issue ID: TEAMS-2019

Title: Fixed minor graphic glitch

Description: Fixed an issue on Modern that would cause a modal window to have buttons incorrectly placed when creating a new instant meeting while another one is already running

Notes: Modal window graphics look correct

Issue ID: TEAMS-2020

Title: Fixed new instant meeting window buttons

Description: Fixed an issue that would prevent all abort button not to work when creating a new instant meeting while another one is already running

Notes: All buttons inside the window are now responding

Issue ID: TEAMS-2026

Title: Changed "Mute" behavior

Description: The "Mute" button has been changed to "Mute for all"

Notes: Works as intented

Issue ID: TEAMS-2027

Title: Meeting screenshare termination fix

Description: Fixed an issue that would cause a screenshare to continue after closing the group/space/channel/instant meeting window

Notes: video stream is terminated as expected

Issue ID: TEAMS-2028

Title: Screen sharing avatar behavior improvement

Description: Improved the screen sharing avatar placement so that it no longer makes the screen sharing function difficult to use

Notes: avatar moved in a corner

Issue ID: TEAMS-2034

Title: Fixed download concurrency issue

Description: Fixed an issue that would cause video conferences and instant messaging to be unavailable for a few seconds while mail attachments are downloaded

Notes: attachment download no longer breaks instant messaging