What is the Backup Purge?

The Backup Purge is a cleanup operation that removes from the Backup Path any deleted item that exceeded the retention time defined by the Data Retention Policy.

How Does it Work?

The Purge engine scans the metadata of all the deleted items and when it finds an item marked for deletion whose last update is older than the retention time period, it erases it from the backup.

Note however, that if an item BLOB is still referenced by one or more valid metadata files, due to Zextras Backup’s built-in deduplication, the BLOB itself will not be deleted.

Customizations backed up by Zextras Backup also follow the Backup Path’s purge policies. This can be changed in the `Zextras Backup section of the Administration Zimlet by unchecking the Purge old customizations checkbox.

When is a Backup Purge Executed?

  • Weekly, if the Scan Operation Scheduling is enabled in the Administration Zimlet

  • When manually started either via the Administration Console or the CLI

With infinite retention active (i.e., the Data Retention Policy is set to 0), the Backup Purge will immediately exit since no deleted item will ever exceed the retention time.

Running a Backup Purge

Starting the Backup Purge via the Administration Zimlet

To start a BackupPurge via the Administration Zimlet:

  • Click the Zextras Backup tab (be sure to have a valid license).

  • Click the Run Purge button in the top-right part of the UI.

Starting the Backup Purge via the CLI

To start a BackupPurge via the CLI, use the doPurge command:

zxsuite backup doPurge [param VALUE[,VALUE]]

Checking the Status of a Running Backup Purge

To check the status of a running Purge via the CLI, use the monitor command:

zxsuite backup monitor operation_uuid [param VALUE[,VALUE]]