What is the Single Item Restore?

The Single Item Restore is one of the Restore Modes available in Zextras Backup and allows to restore one item at a time, recovering its status even if it was deleted.

How Does it Work?

Single Item Restore takes the itemID and restores the corresponding item from the backup to the owner’s account. Any type of item can be restored this way.

Running a Single Item Restore

Via the Administration Zimlet

Item Restore is only available through the CLI.

Via the CLI

To start an Item Restore operation, use the doItemRestore command:

   zxsuite backup doItemRestore {account_name or id} {item_id} [attr1 value1 [attr2 value2...


NAME                 TYPE
account_name(M)      Account Name
item_id(M)           Integer
restore_folder(O)    String

(M) == mandatory parameter, (O) == optional parameter
Example 1. Usage example:

zxsuite backup doItemRestore john@example.com 4784

zxsuite backup doItemRestore 968df11c-8f8b-429a-9f29-4503d08544b3 5923

The first command restores item 4784 in the john@example.com mailbox; while the second restores item 5923 in the 968df11c-8f8b-429a-9f29-4503d08544b3 mailbox