What is the SmartScan?

The SmartScan operates only on accounts that have been modified since the previous SmartScan, hence it can improve the system’s performances and decrease the scan time exponentially.

By default, a SmartScan is scheduled to be executed each night (if Scan Operation Scheduling is enabled in the Zextras Backup section of the Administration Zimlet). Once a week, on a day set by the user, a Purge is executed together with the SmartScan to clear Zextras Backup’s datastore from any deleted item that exceeded the retention period.

How Does it Work?

The Zextras Backup engine scans all the items on the Zimbra Datastore, looking for items modified after the last SmartScan. It updates any outdated entry and creates any item not yet present in the backup while flagging as deleted any item found in the backup and not in the Zimbra datastore.

Then, all configuration metadata in the backup are updated, so that domains, accounts, COSs and server configurations are stored along with a dump of all configuration.

When LDAP is part of the setup, SmartScan will save in the Backup Path a compressed LDAP dump that can also be used standalone to restore a broken LDAP configuration.

In case the LDAP backup can not be executed (e.g., because the access credential are wrong or invalid, SmartScan will simply ignore to back up the LDAP configuration, but will nonetheless save a backup of all the remaining configuration

When the Backup on External Volume functionality is active, SmartScan creates one (daily) archive for each account which include all the account’s metadata and stores it on the external volume. More information in section [external-backup].

When is a SmartScan Executed?

  • When the Zextras Backup module is started.

While it is possible to enable this option, it is suggested to leave it disabled, because in certain situations, running SmartScan at every module restart can become a performance bottleneck, as it has been discussed previously. * Daily, if the Scan Operation Scheduling is enabled in the Administration Zimlet * When the Real Time Scanner is re-enabled via the Administration Zimlet after being previously disabled

Running a SmartScan

Starting the Scan via the Administration Zimlet

To start a SmartScan via the Administration Zimlet,

  • Open the Administration Zimlet

  • If a multiserver installation, choose the server on which to run the SmartScan

  • Click on the Zextras Backup tab

  • Click on Run Smartscan

Starting the SmartScan via the CLI

To start a SmartScan via the CLI, use the doSmartScan command:

zxsuite backup doSmartScan start [param VALUE[,VALUE]]

Checking the Status of a Running Scan

Before actually carrying out this check, it is suggested to verify how many operations are running, to find the correct id. you can do this by using the getAllOperations command:

zxsuite backup getAllOperations [param VALUE[,VALUE]]

To check the status of a running scan via the CLI, use the monitor command:

zxsuite backup monitor operation_uuid [param VALUE[,VALUE]]