Zextras Suite 3.1.10

Version 3.1.10 - April 19th, 2021


*Issue ID:* AUTH-189

Title: Login page Zimbra parameters

Description: Login page now support standard Zimbra parameters


Known issue:

To use both domain and customerDomain you have to specify the parameter twice. Eg: `https://infra-576dd838.testarea.zextras.com/zx/login/page/?domain=example.com&customerDomain=example.com`_

*Issue ID:* AUTH-201

Title: Login page issue on changing color palette fixed

Description: Fixed an issue that made the Login button disappear on changing color palette in the login page.

*Issue ID:* AUTH-209

Title: Auth zimlet minor graphical refactoring

Description: Some useless labels have been removed from the Auth zimlet


*Issue ID:* BCK-422

Title: External restore operation now considers already existent folders

Description: During an external restore operation, if a folder with the same path and name is already present in the account, it will be used instead of creating a new one with the same name.

*Issue ID:* BCK-485

Title: External restore operation now considers already existent mount points

Description: During an external restore operation, if a mount point with the same path has already been created by a filter in the account, it will be used instead of creating a new one.

*Issue ID:* BCK-491

Title: Backup on S3 storage class improvement

Description: Items' storage classes in the S3 store reflect the current storage class settings for the backup.

*Issue ID:* BCK-515

Title: Purge operation during backup migration fixed

Description: During a backup migration operation, if a purge operation occurs it will be queued and will wait for the first operation to finish. The same happens if a purge operation is running and a migration operation attempts to start. This avoids the migration operation from failing.

*Issue ID:* BCK-517

Title: Account scan information improved

Description: Now account id and mailbox id are reported in account scan notifications

*Issue ID:* BCK-524

Title: Backup migration to third party store improved

Description: Now the backup migration to a third party store also copies the metadata, the server’s configuration and the map files.

The progress will display the number of archives, server configurations and maps uploaded. If the server’s logs are set to debug level, a line for every file uploaded will be reported. The final notification will not propose to run a smart scan with deep and remote_metadata_upload flags anymore.


*Issue ID:* COR-489

Title: Notifications: date column sortable

Description: Date column must be sortable and must show the full time field

*Issue ID:* COR-492

Title: Detail panel disappear on notification list

Description: There’s no scroll bar, and scrolling on the last element of the list makes the detail panel disappear

*Issue ID:* COR-508

Title: Auth deploy from Core

Description: Auth Zimlet cannot be deployed from the Core panel

*Issue ID:* COR-598

Title: Added a new command to dump configuration

Description: It is now possible to dump configuration attributes, both inherited or not


*Issue ID:* DRIV-385

Title: Content-Type header in Drive responses fixed

Description: Fixed a bug that prevented the Content-Type header to be inserted in requests. This caused Docs' documents not to be showed in some browsers if "X-Content-Type-Options nosniff" header was set.

*Issue ID:* DRIV-1031

Title: Fixed logo size issue with Drive email notifications in Outlook

Description: Creating, modifying or revoking Drive shares generates a mail notification that contains the Drive logo. The image size has been fixed to be shown correctly also in Outlook.

*Issue ID:* DRIV-1146

Title: Drive database queries speed up improvements

Description: The Drive database and queries have been optimized to speed up the opening of files.

The current version has been added to the node table to avoid calculating the maximum version of each node during the fetch of the related node and revision information. The database has been updated to version 10.


*Issue ID:* MOB-38

Title: Activate ABQ by global/cos/account

Description: the ABQ can be set at COS and account level too.

*Issue ID:* MOB-305

Title: All weekdays recurrence in appointments synchronization fixed

Description: Fixed a bug that prevented appointments recurring all the weekdays to be properly synchronized.

*Issue ID:* MOB-307

Title: EAS Organizer of shared calendar

Description: Creating appointments on someone else’s calendar via EAS causes the appointment to be wrongly seen as an invite accepted as tentative by the calendar’s owner.

*Issue ID:* MOB-340

Title: EAS Contacts' birthday synchronization

Description: This covers a bug where ZxMobile will shift birthday time according to the server’s timezone, so birthdays will be showed a day before the correct data for GMT+x timezone

Subscription Management

*Issue ID:* SM-7

Title: Empty license warning notification

Description: When the number of created users exceeds the number of licensed a warning was sent without the necessary information


*Issue ID:* TEAMS-1837

Title: Team desktop notification fixed

Description: Fixed a bug that prevent zimbra tab to open when clicking on team desktop notification (chrome only)

*Issue ID:* TEAMS-2472

Title: Leave group as last participant fix

Description: Fixed a bug that show and endless load page with Team logo when leaving a group type conversation as last partecipant

*Issue ID:* TEAMS-2483

Title: Clear history button added

Description: Added clear history button in one to one conversations, groups, spaces.

*Issue ID:* TEAMS-2500

Title: "who is writing" notifications

Description: This fixes a bug where the "…​is writing" message was shown even when the chat user had finished writing

*Issue ID:* TEAMS-2517

Title: Video Server issue related to IPv6 fixed

Description: Fixed a bug that prevented the Video Server service to properly bind on the 8188 port if the IPv6 interface is disabled

*Issue ID:* TEAMS-2524

Title: Added a new config attribute for user presence

Description: Now, sysadmins can set a config attribute to allow or block the sending or receiving information of user presence ("online"/"offline" status, "is writing" status and "is writing" )

*Issue ID:* TEAMS-2526

Title: Added a new config attribute for message reads(ACKs)

Description: Now, sysadmins can set a config attribute to allow or block receiving information of message reads

*Issue ID:* TEAMS-2573

Title: Start/end meeting date

Description: A timestamp has been added to team meeting service notifications.

*Issue ID:* TEAMS-2574

Title: Free signal on meetings

Description: Added a Free signal while user is waiting other participants to join on meetings

*Issue ID:* TEAMS-2630

Title: Fixed a bug that mutes the client when the video will be disabled by user

Description: Fixed a problem that mutes the audio while user disable the video

*Issue ID:* TEAMS-2726

Title: Team connection bug fixed

Description: Fixed a bug that caused Team connection to be dropped on downloading all the attachments from an email.

*Issue ID:* TEAMS-2743

Title: Instant meeting bug fixed

Description: Fixed rendering bug that prevented the instant meetings to start correctly.

*Issue ID:* TEAMS-2767

Title: Team conversations rendering fix

Description: Fixed rendering bug that prevent to see others participants names inside conversation title