Zextras Suite 3.1.2


Issue ID: BCK-233

Title: Improved backup feedback on web console

Description: A better warning is returned in the web admin console if there are issues with the backup directory (backup damaged, disk full, etc)

Notes: new error forces the admin to verify the root cause

Issue ID: BCK-307

Title: Bug preventing files revisions' metadata to be created in backup fixed

Description: Metadata were not properly created in the backup by the Real Time Scanner for Briefcase’s files' revisions while they was by the Smart Scan. Now also the Real Time Scanner correctly creates metadata for revisions.

Notes: a correct backup of Briefcase’s files' versions is now correctly taken by the Real Time Scanner without wait for the Smart Scan

Issue ID: BCK-319

Title: Backup GetAvailableAccounts count fix

Description: Fixed an issue that would cause incorrect list of available accounts from the backup when an account was deleted and then restored with the same name

Notes: accounts with the same name are now handled properly in the backup

Issue ID: BCK-326

Title: Coherency check fixBackup can now handle Drive missing blobs

Description: The coherency check with fixBackup flag set to true can now handle Drive’s missing blobs.

Notes: the restoration of Drive’s missing blobs works as expected

Issue ID: BCK-329

Title: doRestoreOnNewAccount fails when user has zimbraPrefWhenInFolderIds pointing to a shared subfolder

Description: Fixed a NullPointer exception error in resolving the foler’s account owner since maps are not available during that stage of the operation

Notes: Working as intended

Issue ID: BCK-341

Title: Backup exports now filter disabled cos

Description: Coses removed from backup will no longer be included in backup exports

Notes: accounts are filtered by cos during export

Issue ID: BCK-358

Title: External restore now restores Drive’s shares

Description: The external restore operation now restores the Drive’s shared resources too. The doFixShares operation can also handle different type of serialized maps to be compatible with mapped id’s from Drive.

Notes: you don’t need to run the doFixShares operation to restore Drive’s shares, but it is compatible with Drive’s ids


Issue ID: COR-452

Title: Improved server-to-server connection handling

Description: Every time the DataStoreServiceAccessor performs an operation a new connection is created and closed. This slows down cluster synchronization by a substantial amount. Replace this with a permanent connection which will be initialized and closed with the DataStoreServiceAccessor lifecycle.

Notes: Tested in dogfood environment


Issue ID: DOCS-96

Title: Docs memory check fix

Description: Fixed an issue that caused incorrect output values for totalAvailableMemory and usedMemory of the command zxsuite docs status

Notes: totalAvailableMemory and usedMemory value appear to be correct


Issue ID: MOB-207

Title: Added a parameter to configure Outlook EAS filter

Description: Now the default Outlook EAS filter could be modified with ZxMobile_MaxOutlookVersion parameter to customize the EAS version used by Outlook clients.

Notes: Outlook clients can now be synchronized with any EAS version.

Issue ID: MOB-215

Title: "No such folder id: 0" error on search

Description: A bug caused mobile searches to return an error when searching for a string that returns no result.

Notes: Working as intended

Issue ID: MOB-216

Title: Reactions to invites from mobile devices fixed

Description: Fixed a bug that prevented the reactions sent from mobile devices to be displayed in the details of the appointment.

Notes: the bug has been fixed

Issue ID: MOB-222

Title: Samsung EAS16 sync loop workaround

Description: Samsung devices could enter a loop when using EAS16 if an invalid email address is saved in a draft.

Notes: Working as intended

Issue ID: MOB-223

Title: Recurring appointments' attachments bugfixes

Description: Fixed three bugs that prevented the attachments to be properly synchronized in recurring appointments on an invite.

Notes: attachments correctly synchonized

Issue ID: MOB-224

Title: Completed tasks sync bug fixed

Description: Fixed a bug that prevented the completed tasks to be correctly synchronized via EAS.

Notes: now completed tasks are correctly synchronized

Issue ID: MOB-252

Title: Fixed a bug that could cause all appontiment attendees to receive a "Appointment Deleted" notification when one attendee declined the invite from a mobile device.

Description: Fixed a bug that could cause all appontiment attendees to receive a "Declined" notification when one attendee declined the invite from a mobile device.

Notes: Working as intended


Issue ID: PS-244

Title: Improved doVolumeToVolumeMove reliability when orphaned mailboxes are present

Description: The doVolumeToVolumeMove operation often failed when the server had orphaned mailboxes. Issues regarding orphaned/missing mailboxes are now properly handled and logged.

Notes: Working as Intended

Issue ID: PS-248

Title: Misleading reports removed from doVolumeToVolumeMove operation

Description: When running a doVolumeToVolumeMove operation, the count of source blobs' deletions can show misleading numbers in lazy deleting file systems, so the confirmation has been removed.

Notes: now the source blobs' deletions count are correct

Issue ID: PS-250

Title: Added incorrectly compressed digest handling

Description: Docheckblobs operations with fix_incorrect_compresset digests flag set to true now verify if the digest is calculated on the compressed blob even if the blob is not and fixes it.a

Notes: digests are fixed

Issue ID: PS-259

Title: Moving a mailbox with empty Drive document fixed

Description: Solved a bug that prevented a mailbox containing an empty Drive document to be properly moved to another mailboxd.

Notes: the mailbox can actually be moved even when containing empty Drive docs


Issue ID: TEAMS-1755

Title: WebSocket stability improvement

Description: In order to improve stabilty on slow connections, a delay has been added between the disconnect of a client and the closing of the related WebSocket

Notes: Tested on dogfood environment

Issue ID: TEAMS-1756

Title: UX Improvements when connection issues are experienced

Description: Sometimes, in case of connection issues, the same message is displayed multiple times in the chat. When the client is refreshed, the additional copies disappear.

Notes: Working as intended

Issue ID: TEAMS-1768

Title: Chat sidebar graphical fix

Description: Fixed a bug that caused the Zimbra components in the top bar to shift upward when the icons in the chat sidebar exceedes the height of the screen.

Notes: works as intended