Zextras Suite 3.1.8


Issue ID: AUTH-196

Title: Improved logging

Description: Added more information to the log when an invalid credential is used

Notes: Working as intended


Issue ID: BCK-291

Title: Missing Blob logging improvement

Description: Missing Blob log lines have been made more specific

Notes: Working as Intended

Issue ID: BCK-364

Title: Coherency Check logic improvement

Description: Anomaly and error management logic in the Coherency Check has been improved.

Notes: Logic Change

Issue ID: BCK-431

Title: doStopAllOperation realtime scanner queue bugfix

Description: Due to a bug, pending RealTime Scanner operations were not properly cleared out from the operation queue by the doStopAllOperations command.

Notes: Working as Intended

Issue ID: BCK-433

Title: Added backup of all ldap master host

Description: Fixed an issue with the command zxsuite core getnotification when a host was specified with --host

Notes: ldap dump is repeated for all listed master hosts


Issue ID: COR-402

Title: Remote getnotification fix

Description: Fixed an issue with the command zxsuite core getnotification when a host was specified with --host

Notes: getnotification can now be used successfully in conjunction with --host


Issue ID: DOCS-95

Title: Docs Sidebar View bugfix

Description: Due to some missing icons, the sidebar in Docs appeared broken.

Notes: Working as intended

Issue ID: DOCS-117

Title: Docs logging improvement

Description: Docs logging has been made more verbose, now save operations are logged in /opt/zimbra/log/docs-server.log

Notes: save operations are logged as expected

Issue ID: DOCS-118

Title: Docs idle/standby removal

Description: Docs no longer sets itself in idle/standby remaining ready to accept user interaction

Notes: standby feature disabled

Issue ID: DOCS-125

Title: Docs document limit bugfix

Description: Fixed a bug that caused a 50 concurrent documents limit on the server’s side

Notes: Working as intended


Issue ID: MOB-288

Title: Added regex filtering to ABQ

Description: It is now possible to filter devices via RegEx through a dedicated ABQ command set.

Notes: Working as Intended

Issue ID: MOB-301

Title: Eas 2.5 and Samsung allday calendar item fix

Description: Fixed an issue that would cause allday calendar events created or accepted on mobile to be moved to the day before if the device is Samsung or using an older eas version

Notes: issue no longer present itself


Issue ID: PS-276

Title: Powerstore cache improvements

Description: After a mailboxd failure or restard under heavy load, several partial blobs were left over in the cache.

Notes: Working as Intended

Issue ID: PS-277

Title: 'doMailboxMove` can now move mailboxless accounts

Description: The doMailboxMove is now capable to move accounts that lack a mailbox.

Notes: Working as Intended

Issue ID: PS-284

Title: Mailbox Move concurrency issue fixed

Description: Fixed a bug that caused mailbox moves to hang due to drive indexing being running on the same mailbox.

Notes: Working as Intended


Issue ID: TEAMS-2265

Title: doDeployTeamZimlet error line fix

Description: Fixed the error output appearing when the doDeployTeamZimlet fails, previously it was incorrectly refering to Drive

Notes: error description is now correct

Issue ID: TEAMS-2297

Title: Multiple VideoServers can now be used

Description: The hard limit on one VideoServer per infrastructure has been lifted. It is now possible to set up multiple VideoServer instances on the same infrastructure

Notes: Working as Intended

Issue ID: TEAMS-2310

Title: Messages longer than 4096 handling

Description: instant messages longer than 4096 characters are now truncated and no longer stay in queue

Notes: message is truncated

Issue ID: TEAMS-2312

Title: Added # character to channels

Description: Channel names now have the character # in front of their name

Notes: feature implemented correctly

Issue ID: TEAMS-2366

Title: Edit message behavior improvement

Description: Edited messages, either in 1:1 conversations, groups, spaces or channels, are not resend if the content has not been changed

Notes: behavior compatible with new specifications

Issue ID: TEAMS-2405

Title: Instant messaging interface font

Description: Fonts now honor the small-normal-large-verylarge value of the display font size option for the instant messaging features

Notes: Font size option is now honored

Issue ID: TEAMS-2447

Title: VideoServer installer improvements

Description: The VideoServer installer has been updated in order to avoid some corner cases that could cause the installation to fail.

Notes: Working as Intended