Account - the user account, identified by a UUID that refer to the LDAP, associated to a set of metadata that define its preferences, passwords, ACE, config setting, stored in the backup as a JSON representation

Mailbox - the set of messages, documents, and raw data associated with the account, stored into the MariaDB (Zimbra features), the HSQLdb (Zextras features), and the volumes (blobs). Stored into the backup as JSON representation for the metadata and compressed file for the blobs, named using the blob’s digest

Blob - the raw data associated with an item, typically the MIME message or the Binary file for Drive

Digest - the output of the hash function (at 256 and 384 bytes) that identify a single blob in the storage or in the backup.

Item -

Real Time scan -

Retention Time -

Service - a daemon, typically a java thread, that runs in the background and can be started and stopped. In the Backup module, the services provide the interface with the mailbox to listen at the changes.

SmartScan - a command, scheduled by default at 4 AM, that check if an account changes from the latest run, by lookig at last saved sequence_id and Drive items modified from the last run.

Bulk Delete - is a service that look at the /opt/zimbra/conf/zextras/bulk_delete and delete asyncronously the listed elements

Coherency Check - is a command that verifies the consistency and the coherency f the backup, verifing both internal reference than zimbra metadata