Zextras Suite 3.1.6


Issue ID: AUTH-132

Title: Cli commands date improvement

Description: Improved the output of the commands zxsuite auth, now returned dates are no longer in epoch format

Notes: command output is no longer ambiguous

Issue ID: AUTH-151

Title: Auth credential backup improvement

Description: Improved the auth backup behavior, now credentials are added to the backup by the real time scanner instead of just the daily operation

Notes: auth credentials added now are backed up by the real time scanner

Issue ID: AUTH-165

Title: Auth saml output default settings change

Description: Changed the default output format of zxsuite auth saml get that is no longer json

Notes: json format is now optional

Issue ID: AUTH-166

Title: Auth commands improvements

Description: Improved zx auth saml commands, all is now the default key value

Notes: default key value is now all

Issue ID: AUTH-174

Title: Cli commands date improvement

Description: Improved the output of the commands zxsuite auth, now returned dates are no longer in epoch format

Notes: date format is Dayofweek gg mm yyyy ad hh:mm:ss

Issue ID: AUTH-175

Title: Auth cli commands improvement

Description: Improved the examples returned by the zxsuite auth commands that now use generic names like example.com and organization.name

Notes: no specific existing domain is returned


Issue ID: BCK-367

Title: Restoreonnewaccount log improvement

Description: Improved the logs for restoreonnewaccount operations that no longer list entries regarding the delegated admin function, since those settings are not restored with this option.

Notes: restoreonnewaccount commands now ignore delegatedadmin configuration

Issue ID: BCK-403

Title: Bucket cli command improvement

Description: Improved the placement of bucket cli commands that are now under zxsuite core

Notes: bucket related commands have been moved under zxsuite core

Issue ID: BCK-411

Title: Backup path can change without restarting the mailboxd

Description: Backup can now handle the change of the backup path without restarting the mailboxd.

Notes: now you can change the backup path without restarting the mailboxd


Issue ID: MOB-280

Title: Exchange ActiveSync malformed emails synchronization improvement

Description: Now the synchronization of the devices via EAS do not break when a message cannot be parsed by Zimbra.

Notes: synchronization is now more reliable also with malformed emails

Issue ID: MOB-282

Title: Appointment’s description on acceptance bug fixed

Description: A bug that made the description of an appointment to be cleared on accepting it via Exchange ActiveSync.

Notes: works as expected

Issue ID: MOB-287

Title: Mobile shared folder bug fix

Description: Fixed an issue that would prevend mobile devices from syncing shared folders

Notes: shared folders on mobile feature restored


Issue ID: TEAMS-2069

Title: Missing Team placeholder

Description: Text is now returned when the cursor is hovering over the Team section of the menu

Notes: text is returned as expected

Issue ID: TEAMS-2143

Title: Added scroll functionality to instant message replies

Description: It is now possible to scroll to the original message by clicking on the text attached to replies to instant messages

Notes: new scroll functionality appears to be functional

Issue ID: TEAMS-2166

Title: Forwarded instant message visualization improvement

Description: Text of long forwarded instant messages is no longer cropped making it easier to read

Notes: forwarded messages are now easily readable