Zextras Suite Changelog - Release 3.5.0

Release Date September 6th, 2021

Solved Issues


*Issue ID:* AUTH-291

Title: Improve logs for failed OTP attempt

Description: The audit logs now display the account name for failed OTP attempts.


*Issue ID:* COR-595

Title: Text selection now possible in admin panels

Description: In Zextras suite (not Zimbra Network Edition or Zimbra Suite Plus) users can now select and copy text in admin panel’s web interface.

*Issue ID:* COR-628

Title: getNotification command — support for json

Description: For enhanced monitoring and increased automation, getNotification command now supports json format output.


*Issue ID:* PS-338

Title: Improved store purge operation

Description: Zimbra mail and drive items are now properly purged in case of centralized volumes.


*Issue ID:* TEAMS-2816

Title: Enhanced input textbox for creating one to one chats

Description: When users searched for a contact to add in the one to one chat textbox, they couldn’t see the text they typed; this issue is now fixed.

*Issue ID:* TEAMS-2966

Title: Changed "Mute for All" to "Mute"

Description: Changed the meeting action from "Mute for All" to "Mute"

*Issue ID:* TEAMS-2971

Title: Fixed appearance of bubble notifications of conversations in Safari

Description: Notifications appeared truncated for Safari users. This issue is now fixed and text in notifications appear correctly.

*Issue ID:* TEAMS-2981

Title: Fixed the string video-server as it appeared on the command’s description.

Description: Fixed an inconsistency in `video-server’s command description which appeared When users checked help for "zxsuite team video-server add" or "zxsuite team video-server remove", the description carried different spellings for "video-server".

*Issue ID:* TEAMS-2982

Title: Fixed minichat trigger on receiving a system message.

Description: Minichats no longer open for following system messages: - Meeting started - Meeting ended - Someone joins the conversation - Someone leaves the conversation - Someone has changed the topic, title, or avatar of conversation

*Issue ID:* TEAMS-2983

Title: Mini chats no longer available after user removal

Description: Mini chats automatically close after a user is no longer a part of the conversation. Earlier even when users were not a part of a conversation, the chat box remained enabled.

*Issue ID:* TEAMS-2991

Title: Fixed selection of appropriate Zimlet

Description: If a meeting is opened with dedicated mode and the user is authenticated then the Zimlet must be equal to the one opened by Zextras.

*Issue ID:* TEAMS-2997

Title: Fixed UsersCleanup command

Description: Fixed UsersCleanup command to remove deleted users' data from participants list of all conversations

*Issue ID:* TEAMS-3013

Title: Remove secondary bar on external meeting

Description: Removed secondary bar on external meeting and updated year in the external access login page

*Issue ID:* TEAMS-3022

Title: Hide Emoji panel on dropping file

Description: Fixed an unexpected behaviour that prevented the emoji panel to close when it is opened and a file is dropped in a conversation with the purpose of sending it

*Issue ID:* TEAMS-3027

Title: Remove new meeting notification on meeting external tab

Description: Notifications of new meetings have been removed on participating in a meeting from an external tab.

*Issue ID:* TEAMS-3031

Title: Minichat configuration now differentiates the conversations to show

Description: Users can now decide whether to show mini chats based on the chat as the configuration differentiates between one to one chats, groups, and spaces.

*Issue ID:* TEAMS-3035

Title: Meetings on external tab require login if domain is different from user’s one

Description: Meetings on external tab require login if the domain is different from the user’s one because login data are saved on local storage

Notes: Works as expected