Credential Management

Within Zextras, a credential is something that allows access to one of Zextras’s services or modules.

Zextras Auth’s Credential Management system allows to create dedicated passwords for different services such as Exchange ActiveSync devices, Mobile Applications (e.g. Team and Drive) or the Zimbra WebClient itself.

It is also possible to share the access to a service with other colleagues, team members, or even third-party persons by simply creating a new authentication means (e.g., a QR code for mobile access) for the service, without the need to share the password. Once the access for these persons is not needed anymore, it suffices to delete the authentication means to revoke the access.

This also implies, as an additional advantage, that users are able to decide who can have access to the same services they use, providing a high level of granularity also at user level.

In the remainder of this section, we show a few common and relevant tasks that an administrator can carry out.

Services supported

Zextras Auth allows to create or update custom passwords for the following services:


Mobile Password


Zextras Auth Login Page


Admin Console


Zextras Mobile Apps


Standard Zimbra Login Page


Zextras LDAP Address Book


SMTP Authentication


IMAP Authentication


POP3 Authentication

Administrators can combine these services to set up multiple basic to complex scenarios, including:

  • enable only WebAccess

  • enable IMAP without SMTP

  • enable IMAP/SMTP only for managed client (pre-setup without the user)

  • create SMTP password that are not enabled for Web/Soap/Imap access, to be used for automation or external services

See the next section for a few examples.

Add new credentials

Administrators can set the password of any user account on the command line when they create the credentials. In no other circumstances they have access to the password, not even for changing it.

New credentials for each of the active authentication services can be added using the zxsuite auth credential add command:

zxsuite auth credential add [param VALUE[,VALUE]]

By default, this command uses EAS (Exchange ActiveSync) as service. Multiple services can be added as comma separated list. Some examples follow, the first includes a commented output.

  1. create a password and a label for user who can access service eas (mobile password).

zxsuite auth credential add password 'easpass' label "Smartphone" service eas
Credential correctly added

   generated 0 (1)
   created 1620892109473  (2)
   label Smartphone (3)
   id aKcLK (4)
   services EAS (5)
   hash 6Fs6knbW1+fJmWMB1nKoCgLFPy+IGsuZGtmkW0NzV4A= (6)
   enabled true (7)
   algorithm SHA256 (8)
   auth_method password
   password easpass (9)
1 generated - whether the credential was randomly generated or not, 0 true and 1 means false
2 created - the creation timestamp
3 label - the label, useful to remember the purpose or user of the credentials
4 id - the unique ID, which is mandatory to edit or update the credentials
5 services - the services for which access is allowed
6 hash - the hashed credential itself
7 enabled - whether the credential can be actually used or not
8 algorithm - the hashing algorithm used
9 password - the password assigned or randomly generated. As mentioned, this is the only occasion that the administrator can see a user’s password
  1. Create a password for, that can be used only for Web Access (both ClassicUI and Zextras Login Page)

zxsuite auth credential add password ''SecretPassword!' label "Web access" service ZmWebUI,WebUI

  1. Create a password for that can be used only for IMAP and POP3 download (no SMTP)

zxsuite auth credential add password 'LocalClient' service imap,pop3

  1. Create a password for can be used to enable SMTP for an external client

zxsuite auth credential add password 'SMTP_Service_Credential' service smtp

An important parameter is qrcode, to create a new QR code to be used by mobile devices, provided QR code support has been enabled. Used together with the --json switch, it will show the QR code’s payload as well. An example is:

zxsuite auth credential add password 'SMTP_Service_Credential' qrcode true service smtp

List existing Credentials

System Administrators can view an extended list of all credentials active on an account by using the zxsuite auth credential list command:

zxsuite auth credential list

The zxsuite auth credential list does not give access to the user’s password.

The output of this command can be quite long, because it shows all the credentials configured on an account, including a number of additional information.Let’s see an example and which are the relevant information:

zxsuite auth credential list

                generated           1
                created             Tue 04 May 2021 at 08:39:41
                label               MobilePassword 1
                id                  5llDP (1)
                services            SMTP,IMAP (2)
                hash                W6q6hvf10TcPasPL+Oy96iHWO7SrjZBDHfaldt6ZxQk=
                enabled             true
                algorithm           SHA256

                generated           0
                created             Wed 05 May 2021 at 17:53:38
                label               My Label
                id                  Fr2jM (1)
                services            EAS (2)
                hash                +Crk6YcPL7IapCg6xfT6oXWP977uTeZdJTVQDQZd+Io=
                enabled             true
                algorithm           SHA256
1 is the id of the credentials, which is unique and necessary to edit the credential—​see next section
2 the service(s) for which the credential is valid.

Editing a Credential

While usually the credential (password) itself cannot be edited, the System Administrator can update its label and properties, including the services for which it is valid, by using the zxsuite auth credential update command:

zxsuite auth credential update f51as [param VALUE[,VALUE]]

Building on the above example, we want to change the label of credential id Fr2jM belonging to user This can be achieved with:

zxsuite auth credential update Fr2jM label "New Label"

The successful credential update will be displayed as output of the previous command, reporting all credential’s properties:

Credential Fr2jM updated

                generated           0
                created             Wed 05 May 2021 at 17:53:38
                label               New Label
                id                  Fr2jM
                services            EAS
                hash                +Crk6YcPL7IapCg6xfT6oXWP977uTeZdJTVQDQZd+Io=
                enabled             true
                algorithm           SHA256