Zextras Suite Changelog - Release 3.8.0

This is legacy documentation that is not updated anymore. For the most up to date version, please refer to our Documentation Hub

Release Date November 29th, 2021

Solved Issues


*Issue ID:* AUTH-252

Title: Double click support for zimlets

Description: Added support for double-click to the zimlets in the webmail.


*Issue ID:* BCK-641

Title: False-positive errors in coherency check operation fixed

Description: Fixed a bug that caused false-positive errors to be reported during the doCoherencyCheck operations if any tags/flags were present.

*Issue ID:* BCK-643

Title: doSmartScan help usage example fixed

Description: Added the start parameter to doSmartScan example in the command help which was missing.


*Issue ID:* DRIV-1366

Title: Permit renaming of files without extension parameter

Description: In Drive, you can now rename files even if their extension is missing.

*Issue ID:* DRIV-1510

Title: Add app version and powered by Zextras section

Description: A section reporting the app version is now present in the Drive tab at its bottom left corner. Clicking on it will copy the current Drive version to the clipboard.


*Issue ID:* PS-349

Title: Improve the creation of JSON file under account_info during MailboxMove

Description: Under a few specific scenarios during the MailboxMove procedure, the account_info file was corrupted, making the JSON file invalid. This has now been fixed.

*Issue ID:* PS-356

Title: Improvements to commands usage examples

Description: Updated the usage examples to reflect the current parameters for the following commands: doCreateBucket, doDeleteAllDelegatedRights, doDeleteBucket, doRestartService, doStartService, doStopService, doUpdateBucket and doUploadLicense.