Zextras Suite 3.1.1


Issue ID: BCK-290

Title: Improved restore operation error handling

Description: Improved restore operation so that it will complete even if any Drive’s blob is missing from the backup.

Notes: Missing Drive’s blobs no more stop the restore operation

Issue ID: BCK-305

Title: Improved Restore Operation Feedback

Description: Improved restore operation operation log, now restored/unrestored/skipped zimbra and drive items are counted both on undelete and restoreonnewaccount operations

Notes: restore operation logs contain all the expected counters


Issue ID: COR-406

Title: Removed case sensitiveness to mobile device list

Description: Hostname checks are no longer case sensitive for the list of user mobile devices in the web admin panel, this would prevent admins to edit users settings

Notes: case mismatch between hostname and ldap settings no longer cause the issue


Issue ID: DOCS-90

Title: Removed incorrect "too many open documents" error

Description: There is no longer a warning where more than 50 documents are opened at the same time

Notes: zimbra@mail:~$ zxsuite docs status id e465363b-6d1b-48a7-bb17-5d542b655991 name 346eee7be0b2 hostname 346eee7be0b2 status online activeDocuments 55 activeUsers 66 totalAvailableMemory 201.19 MB usedMemory 5.94 MB version 4.2.1


Issue ID: DRIV-776

Title: Fixed PDF scrolling bug on Firefox

Description: Fixed a bug where opening a PDF file using the Firefox browser the page wouldn’t scroll using the keyboard

Notes: PDF files can be scrolled using the keyboard on Firefox

Issue ID: DRIV-821

Title: Removed "Save into Drive" option for mail-type attachment

Description: The option to save into Drive for mail-type attachment was removed

Notes: Cannot save into Drive .eml attachments

Issue ID: DRIV-828

Title: Drive file versioning window improvement

Description: Minor graphical improvement regarding the spacing between text and icon in the first line of the drive file versioning window

Notes: spaces have been added to improve readability


Issue ID: MOB-208

Title: Mobile invalid address handling improvement

Description: Implemented a workaround for mobile devices that do not validate destination accounts that would end up in a loop when sending mails with invalid addresses.

Notes: mail is sent only once and an error mail is returned. One message still shows up in the dumpster

Issue ID: MOB-217

Title: Blank Bcc field stripped from email in mobile devices

Description: Fixed a bug that showed a blank Bcc field in mobile devices when the recipient is in Bcc

Notes: some clients hide blank Bcc fields


Issue ID: PS-251

Title: Added log line on docheckblobs item deletion

Description: Added a log line for the docheckblobs whenever an item is removed by missing_blob_delete_item option

Notes: log behaves as expected

Issue ID: PS-252

Title: Implemented double compression handling

Description: Docheckblobs operations now fix double compressed items if check_incorrect_compressed_digests is set to true

Notes: tested successfully with suggested parameters


Issue ID: TEAMS-1119

Title: Start a new instant meeting from new conversations

Description: Now users can start a new instant meeting from a new conversation without having written a single message first

Notes: Now you can start a new instant meeting without even write a single message

Issue ID: TEAMS-1317

Title: Instant meeting ringing handling improved

Description: Improved the handling of rings on instant meeting calls. Now the ringing in web browser stops when user answer the call from a the mobile app

Notes: no more annoying ringing on the web interface

Issue ID: TEAMS-1436

Title: Instant message duplication on connection loss

Description: If connections from the server are dropped during a conversation messages gets duplicated as they kept being resend while the connection is down

Notes: messages are not duplicated, it might be necessary to refresh the page

Issue ID: TEAMS-1581

Title: Added move room between hosts feature

Description: It is now possible to move groups/spaces/channels between hosts

Notes: new implemented commands appear to work properly

Issue ID: TEAMS-1622

Title: Data are being preserved while creating new instant meetings

Description: While creating a new instant meeting, you can now switch tabs without losing the data already inserted.

Notes: you will no longer lost already inserted attendees while checking the other emails to add

Issue ID: TEAMS-1688

Title: Team and Drive hidden in mobile browsers

Description: Team and Drive have been hidden from mobile browsers because users can use the relative mobile apps

Notes: mobile apps are preferred for mobile devices

Issue ID: TEAMS-1689

Title: Fixed multiple preview_ready websocket messages

Description: A bug that sent multiple "preview_ready" messages via WebSocket while uploading an image in a conversation has been fixed. Now only one message is sent when the preview is ready.

Notes: works as expected

Issue ID: TEAMS-1735

Title: Fixed conversation GUI issue on Firefox

Description: Fixed a issue that would present itself on Firefox, where opening a conversation the user interface would brake

Notes: no GUI issues on Firefox with conversations

Release Date: July 14th, 2020 == Zextras Suite 3.1.0 === Backup

Issue ID: BCK-230

Title: Itemrestore logs improvements

Description: Restore log lines now specify the primary address of the restored item’s account

Notes: [Restores item] log lines have been modified as expected

Issue ID: BCK-248

Title: Missing digests reported in backup coherency check

Description: Fixed a bug that prevented missing digests to be reported in backup coherency check.

Notes: The missing digests are now correctly reported.

Issue ID: BCK-262

Title: RestoreOnNewAccount domain creation fix

Description: Fixed a bug that caused a domain to be undeleted when running a dorestoreonnewaccount operation recovering an account from a deleted domain

Notes: Account is created but no domain is recovered

Issue ID: BCK-273

Title: HSM service mandatory for restore operation

Description: RestoreBlob operations now require the hsm module to be running, otherwise an error is returned

Notes: "Request ignored since module hsm is disabled" error is returned

Issue ID: BCK-284

Title: Restore account with deleted COS fixed

Description: Fixed a bug that caused the restore on new account to fail when the assigned COS was deleted.

Notes: works as expected


Issue ID: COR-300

Title: Made CLI parameters and attribute names case-insensitive

Description: Parameters and attribute names are now recognized with any capitalization to improve CLI usability

Notes: the CLI usage experience is strongly improved

Issue ID: COR-361

Title: No more false unknown logins in admin panel reported

Description: Fixed a bug that caused false unknown logins to be reported in the monthly report relative to admins activities.

Notes: now it works as expected, please note that if no information is provided neither via cookies nor via "name" parameter, the name will always be "unknown"

Issue ID: COR-371

Title: Added admin interface translations

Description: Admin interface has been translate into Portuguese, French, German, Italian, Spanish, Dutch, Japanese, Simplified Chinese, Indonesian, Thai, and Hindi.

Notes: web admin interface appears to have been correctly translated


Issue ID: DRIV-338

Title: Several minor drive import improvements

Description: Logging has been improved for doImportBriefcase operations: user details for each line, exceptions are listed, the number of account is liste, a final report has been added and a missing account is no longer a blocking condition

Notes: logs for doImportBriefcase operations are much more verbose

Issue ID: DRIV-750

Title: Fixed drive cyrillic fonts handling on download

Description: Fixed an issue that mangled the filename of drive items on download when cyrillic fonts were present

Notes: cyrillic names aren’t renamed any longer

Issue ID: DRIV-765

Title: Completed translation for Drive’s docs menu entries

Description: Docs related menu entries under the drive tab have all been translated

Notes: translation of the elements under the drive tab appears to be completed

Issue ID: DRIV-771

Title: Made Drive panel similar between classic and modern

Description: Done some graphical review of Drive panel to make it very similar between classic and modern GUI.

Notes: the two panels are now very similar

Issue ID: DRIV-783

Title: Info button in Drive search views fixed

Description: Fixed a bug that prevented the info button to be clickable in search views, these comprehend the default views (starred, shared by me, shared with me and Trash views).

Notes: now you can open the info box from all search views

Issue ID: DRIV-785

Title: Versions' Upload and Purge buttons disabled in view only shares

Description: Purge and Upload buttons remained enabled in versioning for view only shares. Now this has been fixed.

Notes: now the buttons are correctly disabled in view only shares

Issue ID: DRIV-786

Title: Improved versioning description

Description: The versioning description is now independent from the retention time and the number of versions to keep.

Notes: the description now is more correct

Issue ID: DRIV-790

Title: Removed meaningless drive menu entry

Description: The Dirve move menu entry has been removed for "shared with me" items

Notes: Menu entry has been removed


Issue ID: PS-235

Title: Check_digests implicit for fix_incorrect_compressed_digests

Description: It is no longer necessary to specify check_digests true when fix_incorrect_compressed_digests is also true

Notes: fix_incorrect_compressed_digests no longer requires check_digests

Issue ID: PS-241

Title: Fixed missing text on web admin interface

Description: The command for viewing the current moveblobs operation is now returned when a mailboxmove operation is launched from the web interface

Notes: command string has been restored

Issue ID: PS-242

Title: Fixed customs3 bucket migration issue

Description: Fixed an issue that would not add "storeType CUSTOM_S3" to custom buckets configuration when upgrading to the new bucket management if a custom_s3 bucket and at least one swift or openio volume is present

Notes: upgrade is tested as successful


Issue ID: TEAMS-1329

Title: Missing Safari notifications fix

Description: Fixed on screen notifications that were missing in safari

Notes: notifications now work on safari too

Issue ID: TEAMS-1389

Title: Provide relative path for websocket and v7 API

Description: Team login now provides a relative local path for websockets and the version 7 of the API

Notes: works as expected

Issue ID: TEAMS-1561

Title: Graphical improvements for emoji selector

Description: Made the emoji selector more harmonious

Notes: the emoji selector is now in line with graphic

Issue ID: TEAMS-1562

Title: Added scrollbars to instant messaging elements

Description: Scrollbars are available to view all the elements available in the interface.

Notes: scrollbars are clearly visible

Issue ID: TEAMS-1579

Title: Improved instant message lenght limit management

Description: It should not be possible to instert more than 4096 character in an instant message (previously it was possible to do so but it would have been truncated)

Notes: it is now impossible to insert messages longer that the maximus deliverable size

Issue ID: TEAMS-1580

Title: Improved add participants view

Description: The avatar icon has been added to the add participants view of the instant meetings

Notes: Improved add participants view

Issue ID: TEAMS-1588

Title: Improved send message icon

Description: The icon used to send instant messages should switch from an airplane to a clip depending if text has been inserted in the textbox

Notes: the send message/attachment icon switches as expected

Issue ID: TEAMS-1612

Title: Added empty message handling

Description: It should not possible to send an instant message made only of empty space

Notes: sending of messages made only of spaces is no longer possible

Issue ID: TEAMS-1614

Title: Improved notifications of read messages

Description: The notifications of read messages now shows who has read the messages in groups, spaces and instant meetings.

Notes: now you can easily know who read your messages

Issue ID: TEAMS-1628

Title: Improved user details section

Description: Improved the user details section of one on one conversations where the user’s name was truncated too early

Notes: the username can now span all of the infopanel’s length

Issue ID: TEAMS-1633

Title: Completed translations of user’s settings

Description: The device settings of the user’s settings section are now translated

Notes: interface translation now looks complete

Issue ID: TEAMS-1634

Title: Added translation for file description

Description: Added translation for the file description when attaching a file to an instant message

Notes: interface translation now looks complete

Issue ID: TEAMS-1638

Title: Removed end meeting notification

Description: The end meeting message does no longer trigger a notification

Notes: notification for the meeting end event has been suppressed

Issue ID: TEAMS-1650

Title: Updated translations for new graphics

Description: Translations have been extended and now all elements for audio/video meetings are translated

Notes: translation of the last elements has been included