Zextras Suite 3.1.7


Issue ID: AUTH-131

Title: "Password Label" arrow keys navigation

Description: Fixed a bug that caused the arrow keys not to work in the "Password Label" field when creating a new Auth password.

Notes: working as intended

Issue ID: AUTH-184

Title: Domain configuration warning disable option

Description: It is now possible to disable the domain warning if zimbraPubliService values have not been set.

Notes: the setting successfully disables notifications for missing configuration

Issue ID: AUTH-185

Title: Account credential creation update

Description: It is now possible to create a user credential even if the zimbraPublicServiceHostname is not set if qrcode is set to false

Notes: system no longer verifies publicservicehostname value if qrcode is set to false


Issue ID: BCK-414

Title: DoRestoreOnNewAccount feedback improvement

Description: Improved the output of doRestoreOnNewAccount operations, now if a non exixting source account is specified a correct output is returned

Notes: error handling has been improved


Issue ID: COR-568

Title: i18n Updates (Core)

Description: i18n updates on Core modules

Notes: N/A


Issue ID: DOCS-80

Title: Open in a new browser tab docs documents

Description: Docs documents are now opened in a new browser tab for improved usability

Notes: application behaves as expected


Issue ID: DRIV-1008

Title: i18n Updates (Drive)

Description: i18n updates on Drive

Notes: N/A


Issue ID: MOB-295

Title: Workaround to fix synchronization of recurring appointment created by Outlook for Mac

Description: Added a workaround to fix a an Outlook for Mac bug that causes recurring appointments to be created with bad recurrence metadata and thus not to sync to mobile devices via EAS.

Notes: working as intended


Issue ID: PS-278

Title: Volume removal performance improvement

Description: Improved the volume removal check so that when a volume is removed the sistem will check only once if there is data on that volume

Notes: check is no longer executed twice


Issue ID: TEAMS-1897

Title: TEAM infopanel improvement

Description: Team infopanel layout has been refactored to improve usability

Notes: working as intended

Issue ID: TEAMS-1999

Title: Team UI Refactoring

Description: Refactored several UI components to be more streamlined and usable

Notes: working as intended

Issue ID: TEAMS-2066

Title: Images in replies improvement

Description: Improved the arragment of images when replying to 1:1 conversation or group messages, now the list is no longer reversed

Notes: Images are shown in the correct order

Issue ID: TEAMS-2067

Title: Zimlet version copy added

Description: When using instant messaging functions it is now possible to copy the zimlet version just by clicking it.

Notes: Zimlet version is copied correctly

Issue ID: TEAMS-2158

Title: Space addowner fix

Description: Fixed an issue that would prevent the administrator to add space owners.

Notes: command now behaves as expected

Issue ID: TEAMS-2172

Title: Placeholder page on instant meetings loaded on mobile browser

Description: Instant meetings opened from received link on a mobile device caused the browser and endless load a web page. This was confusing for users and an UX/UI improvement was necessary.

Notes: working as intended

Issue ID: TEAMS-2197

Title: Message edit interface improvement

Description: Improved the edit function for messages in TEAM that increases the editing section.

Notes: function is now much easier to use

Issue ID: TEAMS-2233

Title: Microphone/Webcam modal pop-up bugfix

Description: Fixed a bug that could cause the initial "Microphone/Webcam" modal to remain open when joining an Instant Meeting as an external guest.

Notes: working as intended

Issue ID: TEAMS-2245

Title: Fixed a logic loophole that allowed to forward forwarded messages

Description: It is no longer possible to forward forwarded messages in groups/spaces/channels and 1:1 conversations

Notes: forward option disabled where necessary

Issue ID: TEAMS-2249

Title: Forwarded message original sender improvement

Description: Messages forwarded in conversations/groups/spaces/channels now show who wrote the message even if the sender is not a contact.

Notes: user details are shown as expected

Issue ID: TEAMS-2259

Title: i18n Updates (Team)

Description: i18n updates for Team

Notes: N/A

Issue ID: TEAMS-2263

Title: Quick access sidebar has been removed

Description: The Quick Access sidebar in the "Mail" view, which showed the most recent conversations and allowed to start chats, has been removed.

Notes: working as intended