How to report a Zextras Suite issue

This is legacy documentation that is not updated anymore. For the most up to date version, please refer to our Documentation Hub

The most efficient way to report a Zextras Suite issue is the one that allows both the Reporter and the Technical Support Team to reach their common goal—​the solution of the issue!--in the quickest and more robust way.

Preparing an accurate and complete report that describes the issue you experienced and attach it to the bug report or ticket that you are opening is the most important starting point, because in these cases the Technical Support Team can immediately look into the issue without the necessity to ask for more information. Building such a report may require to execute commands, prepare screenshots, describe the steps to reproduce the problem, and so on. This section focuses on how to gather information about Zextras Suite and its modules.

Step by step guide

In order to report a Zextras Suite issue, please follow this steps:

Definition of "issue"

While you as a user can experience different problems, not in all of them the Technical Support Team can be helpful.

In this cases the Technical Support Team will not be able to help you:

  • Licensing complaints: while we do our best to provide the fairest licensing model possible, we know this can’t please each and every customer in the world. If you feel that the Zextras Licensing does not suit your needs and wish to let us know your opinion, please contact the Sales Team through the form you can find at

  • Issues affecting old versions of Zextras Suite: In order to provide a better service, technical support is limited to the latest Zextras Suite version. If you are not running the latest version, please update Zextras Suite - should the issue persist, then please proceed with your report as described in the remainder of this page.

  • Hardware related issue: If the server on which Zextras is installed does not operate correctly, the Technical Support team will not be able to help. For optimisations and tuning options, however, you can refer to Zimbra’s Tuning Guidelines.

The Technical Support Team will be keen to help in these cases:

  • Bug reports: When you are using some feature in Zextras and the result you obtain is an error message or some unexpected behaviour (for example, you change the Backup Path, but backups are saved elsewhere), you need to inform the Technical Support Team that will forward your report to the appropriate development team.

  • Suggestions for new features: We at Zextras really love to know which new features our users would like in Zextras Suite. If you have an idea for a new feature, please open a case in the Support Portal to the Technical Support team.

  • Configuration or customisation not applied: in this category fall most of the ticket, including for example an account not receiving e-mails although (apparently) correctly configured; the custom company logo not showing up on the login portal,

Tools of the trade

In order to obtain the information you need to file a bug report, the following tools will surely come handy:

  • A way to read logfiles on your Zimbra server (using less after a SSH access would suffice)

  • The Zimbra Web Client’s Dev Mode

  • Your browser’s Dev Tools (Web Developer on Firefox, Developer Tools on Chrome)

  • Zextras Suite log level management

In order to gather useful details from the log files, set both the Log Level and Notification Level to Debug in the Core tab of the Zimbra Administration Console, when experiencing an issue.

On Zimbra 8.x version or later, after raising the Log and Notification Levels and logging into Dev Mode, the Zimbra Administration Console may get stuck during the page loading.

When this happens, chances are that the Zimbra DoS filter is blocking the access due to the high number of connections created in Debug Mode. Please check the dedicated Zimbra DoS Filter section to learn about it, its options and how to tweak them for a smoother loading.

Zimbra’s Debug mode

It’s very important to use Zimbra’s debug mode when gathering information, because it allows to identify the exact module causing the error. To enter the debug mode, simply add the ?dev=1 string at the end of your URL (e.g. This forces Zimbra to ignore any cached data to and reload any Javascript component separately.

Checking for exceptions in the Zimbra Administration Console:

  • Log into the Zimbra Web Client adding ?dev=1 after the URL of your server (e.g.

  • Verify if the issue still occours. If not, clearing the browser’s cache should solve the issue permanently.

  • If the issue persists, open your browser’s debug tool: Web Developer on Firefox, Developer Tools on Chrome

  • Reload the Zimbra Web Client (keeping the ?dev=1 parameter) and search for any error or exception in the debug tool’s console

  • Include the complete error or exception in your bug report

What information to include in your report

Depending on the Zextras module on which you experience an issue, you should include in your report different information, most of which are available as output of CLI commands. It is therefore required to have console or SSH access to the mailserver in order to issue these commands.

Make sure to attach all the information listed in the Common Information to each ticket you open on the Support Portal. You can then skip to the appropriate section, dedicated to each Zextras module and gather additional information.

Common Information

These data must be provided for every ticket opened.

  1. the full output of zmcontrol -v

  2. the full output of zxsuite --host all_servers core getVersion

  3. the full output of zxsuite core getLicenseInfo commands.

Take note of the order_id field you get from the last command and properly insert it in the ticket’s license ID field

Before reproducing the issue, set the verbosity of the mailbox.log file to debug by running the command zxsuite config global set attribute ZxCore_LogLevel value 0. Make sure to set it back to 1 once finished the operation to avoid filling the disk with logs.

When reporting migration issues, please specify this data for both the source and destination server.

Zextras Powerstore

  • the output of zxsuite powerstore getAllVolumes

  • the output of zxsuite powerstore getPowerstorePolicy

  • the output of zxsuite powerstore getMovedMailboxes and zxsuite powerstore getNonLocalMailboxes

  • the mailbox.log file reproducing the issue

Zextras Backup

  • the output of zxsuite config server get $(zmhostname)

  • the output of zxsuite backup getBackupInfo

  • the output of mount command

  • the mailbox.log file relative to the operation

Zextras Mobile

  1. activate an account logger in debug mode on one of the affected devices with zxsuite mobile doAddAccountLogger user@domain.tdl debug /path/to/log/file.log

  2. remove the account from the device

  3. add the account on the device again

  4. try to reproduce the issue

and then attach to the report the /path/to/log/file.log file, together with:

  • the mailbox.log and the sync.log files relative to the operations above

  • a brief explanation of how to reproduce the issue

  • manufacturer, model and exact OS version of the device

Zextras Team

  • the output of zmprov gas and zmprov gas mailbox

  • the output of zxsuite config global get, zmzimletctl listZimlets, zmzimletctl info com_zimbra_Team_classic and zxsuite Team clusterStatus

  • the output of zxsuite Team getServices and zxsuite Team iceServer get

  • the output of for cos in $(zmprov gac); do zmprov gc $cos; done and zmprov ga USER@DOMAIN.TDL of one of the affected users

  • the output of for cos in $(zmprov gac); do echo $cos; zxsuite config cos get $cos; done and zxsuite config account get USER@DOMAIN.TDL of the same user as the previous command

  • the output of for dom in $(zmprov gad); do zmprov gd $dom zimbraPublicServiceProtocol zimbraPublicServiceHostname zimbraPublicServicePort; done

  • the output of zxsuite --host all_servers powerstore getAllVolumes

  • the output of zxsuite --host all_servers core apiversions team

  • the mailbox.log file relative to a restart of the mailboxd with zmmailboxdctl restart

  • the mailbox.log and the zmmailboxd.out files of the last couple of days

  • A test account without admin privileges could also be useful.

Help us improve Zextras Suite

A "Send full error data to Zextras to help us improve Zextras Suite" checkbox is available in the "Core" section of the Zextras Administration Zimlet. This will allow us to improve Zextras Suite by gathering an extended set of error information, which might include:

  • Full error messages and stacktraces.

  • Email Addresses.

  • Mobile phone brand, model and ID.

  • Message Headers and Contents.

This information will be handled by automated systems and will only be used for bughunting and software analysis

You can also enable this feature by setting the ZxCore_SendFullErrorReports Zextras Core property to TRUE.