Custom Login Page

The Auth module provides the ability to customise the Login Page as it is seen by other user.

The login page can be set at domain level and customized in terms of title, logo, background and favicon.

Enabling the Login Page

To enable the Login Page for a domain (we use, set the zimbraWebClientLoginURL and zimbraWebClientLogoutURL configuration keys. You can do so from the GUI by adding the following two values:

Web client login redirect URL:     /zx/login/page/?
Web client logout redirect URL:    /zx/auth/logout/

The same action can be done by using the following CLI command, which configures also the authentication method (zimbraAuthMech):

zmprov md zimbraAuthMech custom:zx zimbraWebClientLoginURL /zx/login/page/? zimbraWebClientLogoutURL /zx/auth/logout/

Customizing the Login Page

The Login Page can be customized through the use of the loginPage Auth CLI command.

Image File Locations and Sizes

Zextras Auth offers two options for custom image files used by the Login Page, either by embedding remote image files or hosting them locally. Image files can be used for logo, background, and favicon.

  • Remote File. The image is available on a public online resource (like, e.g., a corporate server or a hosting service) and can be directly accessed. When adopting this approach, use the full URL to the resource in the CLI command, for example:

This is the preferred alternative.
  • Local File. The image is hosted locally and must be stored in a directory under /opt/zimbra/jetty/webapps/zimbra/public/. When configuring it, the relative path to the file from the /opt/zimbra/jetty/webapps/zimbra/ base path must be used. If the file is saved as /opt/zimbra/jetty/webapps/zimbra/public/logo.png, then use /public/logo.png

The optimal size for a logo image is 320x80. Other sizes can be used but the logo image could be stretched or scaled resulting in poor quality. The aspect ratio of 4:1 should always be maintained.

While the optimal size for the background image depends on the resolution of the client’s screen, it’s stongly advised to avoid images smaller than the current standard monitor resolutions to avoid vertical or horizontal bars to be displayed on screens with a bigger resolution than the background image.

Login Page Title

The login page title can be modified by using either of the following commands:

zxsuite auth loginPage setTitle global 'My Custom Login Page'

zxsuite auth loginPage setTitle domain domain 'My Custom Login Page'

Viewing the current configuration

The current Login Page settings for a domain can be viewed by using the zxsuite auth loginPage getConfig domain command:

~$ zxsuite auth loginPage getConfig domain

        loginPageBackgroundImage                            /public/background.jpg
        zimbraPublicServicePort                             443
        zimbraPublicServiceProtocol                         https
        loginPageLogo                                       /public/logo.png