Blobless Backup Mode is a new feature that avoids backing up item blobs while still safeguarding all other item-related information.

This mode is designed to take advantage of advanced storage capabilities of the storage solution such as built-in backup or data replication optimizing both the backup module’s disk space usage and restore speed.

Blobless Backup Requirements

These requirements must be met to enable Blobless Backup Mode:

  • The server is running Zimbra 8.8.15 or higher.

  • No "independent" third-party volumes must exist: Blobless Backup Mode is only compatible with local volumes and centralized third-party volumes.

Blobless Backup Mode is storage-agnostic and can be enabled on any server or infrastructure that meets the requirements above regardless of the specific storage vendor.

How Blobless Backup Mode works

Blobless Backup Mode works exactly as its default counterpart: the RealTime Scanner takes care of backing up item changes while the SmartScan manages domain/cos/account consistency, the only difference between the two is that in Blobless Backup Mode the backup contains no items of kind blob while still saving all metadata and transaction history.

It’s essential to consider that once enabled, Blobless Backup Mode affects the entire server and no blobs get backed up regardless of the target volume and HSM policies.

When the backup is set to Blobless Mode, BLOBs will not be deleted until those are out of the retention period.

Restoring Data from a Blobless Backup dataset

To date, Blobless Backup Mode is only compatible with the "Raw Restore" operation. In the future, additional restore operations will become compatible with blobless datasets.

Enabling Blobless Backup Mode

Blobless Backup Mode can be enabled or disabled through the backupBloblessMode Zextras config attribute at global and server level:

zxsuite config global set attribute backupBloblessMode value true
zxsuite config server set attribute backupBloblessMode value true