What is the Restore on New Account?

The Restore on New Account and the Account Restore procedures allow you to restore the content of a mailbox as it was in a given moment in time. While they share the same CLI options, the differences between the two are in the status of the account and in how the mailbox will be restored: If the account was deleted, it can be restored with the same accountID--Account Restore, whereas if the account is still in use, it is possible to restore it into a completely new account, i.e., with a completely new accountID.

The source account is not changed in any way, so it is possible to recover one or more deleted items in a user’s account without actually rolling back the whole mailbox. When you run this kind of restore, you can choose to hide the newly created account from the GAL as a security measure.

How Does it Work?

This procedure is useful in several scenarios: when a whole account has been deleted or is no longer operational, as either the result of an external problem (hardware or filesystem failure), or a human mistake (like e.g., a wrong delete/purge operation launched by the user or system administrator).

When a Restore on New Account procedure starts, a new account is created, called the destination account. All the items existing in the source account at the moment selected are recreated in the destination account, including the folder structure and all the user’s data. All restored items will be created in the current primary store unless the Obey HSM Policy box is checked.

When restoring data on a new account, shared items consistency is not preserved. This is because the original share rules refer to the original account’s ID, not to the restored account.

Running a Restore on New Account via the Administration Zimlet

A Restore on New Account can be run in two ways.

From the Account List

Running Restore from the Accounts tab in the Zimbra Administration Console allows you to operate on users currently existing on the server.
If you need to restore a deleted user, please proceed to Restore via the Administration Zimlet.

  • Select Accounts in the left pane of the Administration Console to show the Accounts List.

  • Browse the list and click the account to be restored (Source account).

  • On the top bar, press the wheel and then the Restore button.

  • Select Restore on New Account as the Restore Mode and enter the name of the new account (Destination account) into the text box. You can then choose whether to Hide in GAL the new account or not. When you’re done, press Next.

  • Choose the restore date. Day/Month/Year can be selected via a minical WIDGET, the hour via a drop-down menu and minute and second via two text boxes. Click Next.

  • Verify all your choices in the Operation Summary window. You can also add additional email addresses to be notified when the restore operation is completed successfully.

The admin account and the user who started the restore procedure are notified by default.

Click Finish to start the restore.

Running a Restore on New Account via the CLI

To start a Restore on New Account via the CLI, use the doRestoreOnNewAccount command:

   zxsuite backup doRestoreOnNewAccount {source_account} {destination_account} {"dd/MM/yyyy HH:mm:ss"|last} [attr1 value1 [attr2 value2...


NAME                       TYPE                  EXPECTED VALUES
source_account(M)          Account Name
destination_account(M)     Account Name/ID
date(M)                    Date                  `dd/MM/yyyy HH:mm:ss`|last
restore_chat_buddies(O)    Boolean               true|false
notifications(O)           Email Address[,..]

(M) == mandatory parameter, (O) == optional parameter

Usage example:

zxsuite backup dorestoreonnewaccount John NewJohn `28/09/2012 10:15:10`
Restores John's account in a new account named NewJohn
At the end of the operation, you can check that the configuration of the new mailbox is the same by running the command zxsuite config dump (See cli.adoc#_zextras_config_cli)