Zextras Changelog - 3.0.x releases

This is legacy documentation that is not updated anymore. For the most up to date version, please refer to our Documentation Hub

Release Date: June 18th, 2020

Zextras Suite 3.0.11


Issue ID: BCK-192

Title: Improved restore of contacts groups

Description: Now the external restore can restore all the contacts groups in the accounts even if the restore operation is interrupted before all the accounts have been scanned

Notes: the operation completes successfully

Issue ID: BCK-205

Title: Improved doCoherencyCheck memory management

Description: Improved doCoherencyCheck memory management, now it keeps only the exception message instead of the complete stack trace

Notes: works as expected

Issue ID: BCK-215

Title: Recover nonexisting domain acconts only on doExternalRestore

Description: Allow only external restore operations to recover accounts that do not belong to any domain present on this host.

Notes: CLI behavior matches web admin interface’s

Issue ID: BCK-216

Title: Account Id reference in undelete logs

Description: Added account id reference in undelete log lines in mailbox.log to simplify the debug operations

Notes: works as expected

Issue ID: BCK-232

Title: Added doRestoreBlobs id check

Description: The command zxsuite backup doRestoreBlobs now checks if the volume id is valid and returns an error if the check fails

Notes: volume id check returns an error on non existing ids

Issue ID: BCK-254

Title: Fixed restore of accounts that sent attachments in a conversation

Description: Fixed a restore issue that would terminate a restore operation before recovering conversations if the use sent attachments in at least one conversation

Notes: Instant messaging data is correctly restored


Issue ID: COR-342

Title: Add new restore limit on Trial

Description: Removed the possibility to restore a backup from a different infrasructure using the trial license

Notes: the error "Importing data from another infrastructure is not allowed while running in Trial Mode. Please, contact Zextras at trial@zextras.com" is returned


Issue ID: DOCS-70

Title: Support for Drive file versioning added in Docs

Description: Docs is now able to open a specific version of the file from Drive.

Notes: Docs fully supports file versioning

Issue ID: DOCS-84

Title: Documents editiing from briefcase fixed

Description: Editing documents from the briefcase if the default domain is not set has been fixed

Notes: the bug has been fixed but corrupted documents remain broken


Issue ID: DRIV-233

Title: Added translations to the drive interface

Description: Added translations for * Portuguese * French * German * Italian * Spanish * Dutch

Notes: Translations have been added

Issue ID: DRIV-447

Title: Added version control for files in Drive

Description: Drive now implements file versions handling.

Notes: file versioning permits to open and restore old versions of the file, versions management works correctly

Issue ID: DRIV-605

Title: Added option to attach multiple files from drive

Description: Implemented the possibility to attach multiple files in an e-mail directly from Drive

Notes: feature attach multiple drive objects functional, both if creating an e-mail from drive or attaching drive objects from a new mail

Issue ID: DRIV-700

Title: Handled NO_SUCH_ACCOUNT error on Drive share

Description: If a user tries to create a new share to an external email address in Drive, now a popup with an error message is shown instead of the full stack trace

Notes: Now the error is more understandable for users

Issue ID: DRIV-708

Title: Fixed missing icon for edit with docs menu entry

Description: Edit with docs menu entry in drive was missing an icon from both the context menu and info panel

Notes: an icon is present for all drive menu entries

Issue ID: DRIV-727

Title: Fixed drive search lists using browser zoom

Description: Fixed an issue that would display only the first 30 results when searching drive items while the browser zoom setting is close to 70%

Notes: search results are complete

Issue ID: DRIV-745

Title: Improved drive scrollbar management

Description: Improved scrollbar management when enabling/disabling the infopanel in drive

Notes: scrollbars are shown only when necessary


Issue ID: MOB-190

Title: Improved flag management on mobile clients

Description: Improved flag management to remove risk of conflict between web client and eas client mail flag updates

Notes: works as expected

Issue ID: MOB-191

Title: Fixed last login time from mobile

Description: The user’s last login in ldap was incorrectly set due to incorrect timezone

Notes: works as expected

Issue ID: MOB-192

Title: Implemented anti-dos filter for mobile

Description: Implemented anti-dos service for mobile devices. Number of requests is counted within a time window, if exceeded device is jailed for a specified duration.

Notes: Jailing system functional, timing difficult to predict, potential issues if mobileAntiDosServiceJailDuration < mobileAntiDosServiceTimeWindow, Jailing logged in sync.log but mail not sent to admin account

Issue ID: MOB-202

Title: Invalid values of WeekOfMonth in calendar appointments handled

Description: Invalid values of WeekOfMonth field are now handled in Exchange ActiveSync synchronization of calendar appointments

Notes: although an appointment should not contain non-standard values, it is correctly handled


Issue ID: PS-206

Title: Improved doCheckBlobs log output

Description: Improved doCheckBlobs command output so that an account is listed only once

Notes: There are no duplicated entries in the operation logs for "Checking mailbox #id" lines

Issue ID: PS-215

Title: Improved doCheckblob memory management

Description: Improved doCheckBlobs command, resetting the list of checked files after each mailbox to reduce memory usage

Notes: works as expected

Issue ID: PS-221

Title: Added mailboxmove target volume selection

Description: Implemented the option to choose a target volume for mailboxmove for both mail and drive items

Notes: data is written once directly on the target volume instead of being writte on the primary volume then moved using the hsm rules

Issue ID: PS-224

Title: Manage error when threshold reached

Description: Continue with another policy when an hsm policy’s destination volume has reached the space treshold

Notes: works as expected

Issue ID: PS-227

Title: Improved missing secondary store error output

Description: doMoveBlobs now return a "Secondary store not set" error when an hsm policy is run but no secondary store is set

Notes: in case of no current secondary store a No secondary store set error is returned as expected

Issue ID: PS-230

Title: Added dumpster missing blob check on mailbox move

Description: Dumpster items during mailbox move operations are now verified for missing blobs

Notes: missing blob check for the mailbox move operation now handles dumpster items too

Issue ID: PS-231

Title: Fixed region values for command line s3 bucket commands

Description: Fixed a description mismatch for s3 bucket region between command line and web admin interface

Notes: region descriptions on the web interface match those available on cli

Issue ID: PS-234

Title: Improved handling of incorrect Blobs

Description: doChecBlobs operations, if check_digests true fix_incorrect_compressed_digests true are specified will verify if a blob has been compressed twice and will fix that

Notes: improved function behaves predictably


Issue ID: TEAMS-670

Title: Added translations to the Team interface

Description: Added translations for * Portuguese * French * German * Italian * Spanish * Dutch

Notes: Translations have been added

Issue ID: TEAMS-1406

Title: External participants status fix

Description: Fixed an issue that would show all external participants of an instant meeting as offline

Notes: external participants are shown as guests - no online/offline status

Issue ID: TEAMS-1409

Title: Added gal searches when an internal user is sending invitations for an existing instant meeting

Description: Implemented gal searches in the add participants function in existing instant meetings for internal users

Notes: adding users to an existing instant meeting behaves like adding users to a new one

Issue ID: TEAMS-1445

Title: Implemented new user interactions in Team

Description: User interactions have been improved and newly implemented. It is now possible to silence other participants, disable other participants' video, the same can be done on your own and disabled streams are shown with an explicit icon

Notes: it is now possible to enable and disable streams the way an user desires

Issue ID: TEAMS-1463

Title: Users can now choose how to join meetings

Description: Now users can choose if activate or not the webcam and the microphone on joining a meeting

Notes: the dialog is correctly shown

Issue ID: TEAMS-1464

Title: Graphical restyle in Team’s messages

Description: Messages' bubbles have been cleaned up to use space in a better way

Notes: messages now appears to be more clean

Issue ID: TEAMS-1477

Title: Groups icon added

Description: Now pictures can be set as an icon in Team groups to identify them more easily

Notes: groups' picture can be set

Issue ID: TEAMS-1500

Title: Removed webcam requirement

Description: Removed the requirement of having both a webcam and a microfone to start an audio stream

Notes: it is possible to use the microphone on a device without a webcam

Issue ID: TEAMS-1522

Title: Update to Instant Meeting behavior when host leaves

Description: Improved user experience when the host leaves an Instant Meeting.

Notes: Works as expected

Issue ID: TEAMS-1535

Title: Added translations for instant meetings' external access

Description: Translations have been added for the pages shown to external users joining instant meetings

Notes: works as expected

Issue ID: TEAMS-1537

Title: Minichat layout restyling

Description: Minichat size was increased and the header was rebuilt

Notes: minichat is now more usable

Issue ID: TEAMS-1541

Title: Improved profile picture management

Description: Improved profile picture management so that profile pictures are always centered and not repeated

Notes: profile pictures of any size now fit the profile picture area without surprises

Issue ID: TEAMS-1542

Title: Improved instant messaging text area

Description: Improved instand messaging message text area so that it extends to up to half of the screen height and the emoji panel does not cover it

Notes: text area is more flexible when writing long chat messages

Issue ID: TEAMS-1543

Title: Updated Translations

Description: Update translations for * German * Hindi * Indonesian * Thai * Chinese

Notes: translation is correct

Issue ID: TEAMS-1544

Title: Improved add participants text visibility

Description: Improved text visibility when adding participants to instant meetings, changing the text color from white to black

Notes: add participants to instant meetings usability improved thanks to text color change

Release Date: May 18th, 2020

Zextras Suite 3.0.10


Issue ID: BCK-197

Title: doCoherencyCheck now fixes "missing CoS" erorrs

Description: Running the doCoherencyCheck operation with the fixBackup option now also fixes "CoS not found" errors that may happen after a migration.

Notes: Backup successfully fixed

Issue ID: BCK-206

Title: Improved backup output on failed restore

Description: Improved output when a doRestoreOnNewAccount failed becouse backup data was not available on the current server for the source account

Notes: Output is now easy to understand

Issue ID: BCK-211

Title: Fixed dynamic distribution lists restore bug

Description: On restoring dynamic distribution lists from a backup, zimbra ids of old items were not replaced with the new ids. Now ids are correctly updated on restoring the lists.

Notes: works as expected

Issue ID: BCK-214

Title: Improved Purge error handling (missing digest)

Description: When encountering a metadata file without a digest value, the backup purge will now simply log an error at debug level and proceed.

Notes: Works as expected


Issue ID: DELEG-24

Title: Delegated admin migration fix

Description: Fixed an issue that prevented delegated admin setting migration to ng if some delegated admin were only deleted from ldap (for example zmprov -l da #adminaccount)

Notes: Leftover data no longer causes migration to fail


Issue ID: DRIV-637

Title: Drive directory download bugfix

Description: Fixed a bug that could cause zip file corruption when downloading a large directory from Drive.

Notes: Downloaded zipped folders are valid

Issue ID: DRIV-674

Title: Added scroll bar for public access folders in Drive

Description: To make the file browsing easier to users when accessing a Drive share with a lot of files as a public user a scroll bar has been added.

Notes: works as expected

Issue ID: DRIV-707

Title: Drive upload button graphic glitch fix

Description: Fixed some minor graphical issues with drive’s upload button (hover rule not working, bottom border)

Notes: Expected behavior confirmed


Issue ID: MOB-178

Title: Mobile getdeviceinfo output fix

Description: Fixed the output of the command zxsuite mobile getdeviceinfo that mismatched values and descriptions (language was returned instead of os for example)

Notes: Command output is consistent

Issue ID: MOB-179

Title: Enable/Disable task synchronization

Description: The zimbraFeatureTaskEnabled at COS/Account level now defines whether Tasks are synchronized via EAS or not.

Notes: Works as intended

Issue ID: MOB-186

Title: EAS 16.1 out of beta

Description: EAS 16.1 is now officially supported, the default max EAS version has been changed to "16.1" accordingly.

Notes: This changes the default value for the property but does not actually change the value if it was manually set


Issue ID: PS-145

Title: Improved doPurgeMailboxes mail notification

Description: Improved the e-mail sent to the admin after a doPurgeMailboxes command, now listing detailed information for each mailbox purged

Notes: Notification email is coherent with requirements

Issue ID: PS-192

Title: Drive blobs compression behavior improvement

Description: New drive blobs will now honor powerstore compression settings

Notes: Drive blobs are gzipped, threshold is ignored when file size is not determined

Issue ID: PS-196

Title: Implement bucket management cli commands

Description: Basic bucket management commands - create list update delete - are implemented and available from the command line

Notes: Standard operations on buckets via command line are available and functional

Issue ID: PS-207

Title: Command output improvements

Description: the commands

  • DoAccountScan

  • DoCheckShares

  • DoCoherencyCheck

  • DoExternalRestore

  • DoCheckBlobs

  • DoDeduplicate

  • DoMoveBlobs

  • DoVolumeToVolumeMove

  • DoPurgeMailboxes

  • DoRemoveOrphanedBlobs

now return the monitor command too

Notes: The correct monitor parameter is listed for each command

Issue ID: PS-217

Title: FileDescriptor leak on blob move operations fix

Description: Fixed a bug that could cause a file descriptor leak when running any operation that moved blobs between volumes with the same compression settings targeting a volume with a large number of files.

Notes: Works as intended

Issue ID: PS-218

Title: MailboxMove notifications improvement

Description: The mailboxmove notification e-mail sent to the admin now lists also the accounts that were not moved

Notes: A list of account that were not moved is present in the notification e-mail


Issue ID: TEAMS-1022

Title: Improved handling of loss of connection

Description: Previously the loss of the websocket connection would cause the loos of all pending messages, now the zimlet retries to send the pending messages every 10 seconds.

Notes: No messages are lost, send files feature is temporarily unavailable

Issue ID: TEAMS-1031

Title: Instant meeting invitation email fix

Description: Fixed a bug that caused the icon in the invitation email to disappear and show only a grey square

Notes: Icon appears as expected

Issue ID: TEAMS-1342

Title: Zimbra Drive/Team Translations - First Batch - Beta

Description: First batch of Zimbra Drive and Team UI translations (FR, JP, NL)

Notes: Works as expected

Issue ID: TEAMS-1402

Title: Instant Meeting message timestamp fix

Description: Fixed a bug the caused Instant Meeting chat messages' timestamps to be always in UTC instead of following the client’s settings.

Notes: UTC is no longer the default for instant meetings' guests

Issue ID: TEAMS-1424

Title: Screen share feature improvements

Description: Screen share feature rewritten so that it no longer requires the chrome plugin and is available on the modern interface.

Notes: Screen share feature function as expected on chrome, firefox older than 75 is unresponsive using the modern interface

Issue ID: TEAMS-1426

Title: Instant Meeting invite improvements

Description: Instant Meeting invite emails are now sent to all participants, including internal users.

Notes: Invitation is sent to all invitees

Release Date: April 20th, 2020

Zextras Suite 3.0.9


Issue ID: BCK-188

Title: Missing dynamic DL attributes in restore

Description: Fixed a bug that caused the restore of dynamic distribution lists not to update the owner’s and member’s UUID

Notes: Works as expected

Issue ID: BCK-193

Title: Unrestored Task item during doExternalRestore

Description: NO_SUCH_BLOB error restoring a very large task from an external backup

Notes: Works as expected

Issue ID: BCK-195

Title: Cannot restore accounts from deleted domains

Description: Accounts from deleted domains are not a valid Restore on New Account and Restore Deleted Account target and thus must not appear in the restorable accounts list.

Notes: Works as expected, account still restorable with External Restore

Issue ID: BCK-212

Title: Double compression applied to backup items

Description: Items from compressed volumes were wrongly compressed twice when being written to the backup

Notes: Only affects Zextras Suite 3.0.8


Issue ID: COR-262

Title: "Start" parameter mandatory for commands without mandatory parameters

Description: Make the start parameter mandatory for operations which don’t require mandatory parameters.

Notes: Works as expected


Issue ID: DOCS-79

Title: Fix a LOOL bug that could cause file corruption

Description: During the investigation on another issue, we found a LOOL bug that could seldom cause file corruption on XLSX spreadsheets. While unable to reproduce it, we applied a workaround.

Notes: We are still investigating a potential issue on spreadsheet corruption but this fix should sensibly lower the already low occourrence of this kind of issue


Issue ID: DRIV-36

Title: Void editing shares to users without the right permissions

Description: Hide the edit share dialog to users who cannot edit the share permissions

Notes: Works as expected

Issue ID: DRIV-558

Title: Missing drive en_us translation file

Description: Translation file for drive is missing for american english

Notes: Works as expected

Issue ID: DRIV-560

Title: Public shares are not localized

Description: Public shares web pages are not localized based on the browser’s language

Notes: Works as expected

Issue ID: DRIV-561

Title: Public shares don’t correctly decode unicode strings

Description: Unicode characters are not correctly displayed in public shares pages

Notes: Works as expected

Issue ID: DRIV-589

Title: "Invalid row count DB error" when saving attachment to drive

Description: Saving an attachment in Drive while creating a new Drive folder raises an invalid row count DB error

Notes: Works as expected

Issue ID: DRIV-599

Title: File Creation error if extension is changed

Description: New file is not created if file extension is edited while choosing a file name

Notes: It is no longer possible to change file extension during creation

Issue ID: DRIV-600

Title: Mime-type of Drive files is set by the backend whenever possible

Description: Mime types of files uploaded to drive are now defined by the file extension. These extensions - mime type pairs are defined in a backend map.

If the extension is not registered within our map, the mime type sent by the client will be taken.

Notes: If the client didn’t send any mime type, it will be set to application/octet-stream

Issue ID: DRIV-643

Title: Cannot navigate in home attaching file from drive

Description: Attaching drive element from an email cannot navigate in home again if Zimbra Drive breadcrumb is clicked

Notes: Works as expected

Issue ID: DRIV-662

Title: Sharing a folder freezes the browser

Description: Sharing a folder with at least 20 accounts makes the browser freeze.

Notes: works as expected

Issue ID: DRIV-670

Title: Improve the load speed of large PDF files

Description: Opening a large pdf causes ui to freeze for some time

Notes: Document is opened before all previews are generated, performance is improved

Issue ID: DRIV-673

Title: "Copy link" broken in Firefox

Description: "Copy link" broken in Firefox

Notes: Url is copied to the clipboard and can be pasted


Issue ID: MOB-134

Title: Custom messages in ABQ

Description: Allow admins to customize and localizate ABQ messages

Notes: Works as expected

Issue ID: MOB-167

Title: UI for "account only" remote wipe

Description: Permit an account-only remote wipe via UI

Notes: Works as expected

Issue ID: MOB-168

Title: Null Pointer Exception when editing calendars

Description: An exception is thrown when editing appointments while not being its owner, causing the event to be duplicated.

Notes: User cannot edit the appointment so issue is not triggered

Issue ID: MOB-174

Title: Attachments with double quotes

Description: Emails with attachments containing double quotes in the filename return an error

Notes: Works as expected

Issue ID: MOB-176

Title: EAS16 iOS calendar appointments fix

Description: Fixed a bug that caused appointment start time to be changed when accepting an invitation from an iOS device using EAS16.

Notes: Works as expected


Issue ID: PS-97

Title: Split the HSM Cache directory to improve performances

Description: The cache directory is now split into multiple subdirectories whose name is based on the last two characters of the items contained in there.

Notes: works as expected

Issue ID: PS-129

Title: New options to handle Drive Previews

Description: Added the delete_drive_previews boolean options to the doDeleteVolume and doMoveVolume

doDeleteVolume with delete_drive_previews true (default) → delete the volume even if there are previews. You cannot delete the Drive Current Primary Volume

doVolumeToVolumeMove with delete_drive_previews true (default) → delete previews from source volume only if the source is not the Drive Current Primary Volume

Notes: N/A

Issue ID: PS-189

Title: make doDeleteVolume operation unique and unqueueable

Description: Make the doDeleteVolume operation unique, avoid multiple executions and queues

Notes: works as expected

Issue ID: PS-193

Title: Unexpected blobs not detected if backup path is not initialized

Description: The doCheckBlobs operation will not find any unexpected blob if the backup path is not initialized

Notes: Works as expected

Issue ID: PS-194

Title: Mailbox Move Fails At DB Stage

Description: A string encoding/decoding issue is causing some Mailbox Move operations to fail because of a "Underlying input stream returned zero bytes" error

Notes: Works as expected

Issue ID: PS-197

Title: Manage items on invalid locator

Description: The doCheckBlobs operation should list the items that appear to be on a non existing volume

Notes: Items are listed as expected but crosschecks do ignore this situation

Issue ID: PS-199

Title: Drive blobs Restorable by doRestoreBlobs

Description: Add possibility to select which item type shoul be restored in a dorestoreblobs operation

Notes: Blobs are filtered as expected

Issue ID: PS-200

Title: Add flag to handle only drive/zimbra items to doCheckBlobs command

Description: Add possibility to select which item type shoul be checked in a docheckblobs operation

Notes: Blobs are filtered as expected

Issue ID: PS-208

Title: Mailboxmove skip restored blobs

Description: When moving a compressed blob to a compressed volume the blob is compressed twice

Notes: All moveblobs operations are successful


Issue ID: TEAMS-1038

Title: Addes "Team Cross Domain Search Mode" config to admin interface

Description: Added "Cross Domain Search Mode" config to admin interface at account, COS and Global level

Notes: Works as intended

Issue ID: TEAMS-1289

Title: Anonymous contacts included in only_internal searches

Description: There was an error on the backend side which returned external auto contacts when the query was empty and only_internal was set to true in every search mode.

Notes: Works as expected

Issue ID: TEAMS-1314

Title: Video issues in IM sessions with multiple attendees

Description: During an IM session where participants are three or more, if one of them disconnects the other participants' video also fails

Notes: Works as expected

Issue ID: TEAMS-1323

Title: Google app store opens when cancelling screen share

Description: When a screen share is aborted Google Play Store opens up on the plugin’s page

Notes: Works as expected

Issue ID: TEAMS-1324

Title: Inconsistent scroll on space info view

Description: On the Space info view, the scrolls on the panel are incosistent. The external scoll and the participants scroll have different sizes and lead to hide a part of the participants lists.

Notes: Works as expected

Issue ID: TEAMS-1335

Title: Instant meeting unexpected connection restart

Description: Fixed a bug that caused instant meeting connection to restart when switching to the TEAM tab and choosing the instant meeting on the left sidebar

Notes: No audio/video issues detected

Issue ID: TEAMS-1356

Title: Channel "new message" notifications have been disabled

Description: A standard WebClient notification won’t be triggered anymore when a new message arrives on a subscribed Channel, only 1:1 and Group "new message" notifications are now displayed.

Notes: N/A

Issue ID: TEAMS-1377

Title: Allow incoming meeting notifications for group / space / channel / instant meeting

Description: The "ringing" notification has been extended to Group meetings, Channel meetings and Instant Meetings

Notes: One of the most frequent end user requests

Release Date: March 23rd, 2020

Zextras Suite 3.0.8


Issue ID: BCK-176

Title: DoCheckBlobs issue with blobless backup

Description: Fixed a bug that caused deleted items to be listed as unexpected blobs when using blobless backup.

Notes: Works as expected

Issue ID: BCK-189

Title: ExternaRestore input_file parameter added

Description: The new input_file parameter allows to use a file containing a list of accounts as the account list for the external restore.

Notes: Works as expected

Issue ID: BCK-190

Title: Only one External Restore operations can be running at any time

Description: Fixed a bug that caused the backup core to be able to start multiple External Restore operations at the same time.

Notes: Works as expected


Issue ID: COR-157

Title: Notification "Details" button in Admin Console does not open

Description: Fixed a bug that caused the "Details" button under the Notifications/Operation Queue list in the "General" section of the Administration Zimlet to be ineffective.

Notes: Works as expected

Issue ID: COR-271

Title: "New volume" wizard fix

Description: Fixed an issue that caused the New Volume wizard to allow the creation of non-local volumes even if the cache/incoming directories didn’t exist.

Notes: Works as expected


Issue ID: DOCS-71

Title: Docs zimlet exception if keyboard shortcuts are disabled in the WebClient

Description: Docs zimlet returns an error when keyboard shortcuts are disabled.

Notes: Works as expected


Issue ID: DRIV-409

Title: Attaching a file to an email via drive modal does not paginate file list

Description: List of files to add as attachment from Drive doesn’t show completely if scrolling is needed.

Notes: Works as expected

Issue ID: DRIV-537

Title: Saving some PDF attachments to Drive silently fails.

Description: Fixed a bug that prevented some attachments (such as pdf files) not to be saved to Drive when clicking ‘Save to Drive’, with no error being returned to the user.

Notes: Works as expected

Issue ID: DRIV-571

Title: Drive item context menu out of bounds

Description: Fixed a bug that made the context menu unusable when right clicking on an item near the bottom of the screen.

Notes: Works as expected

Issue ID: DRIV-572

Title: Symbol "=" in Drive share URLs

Description: The "=" symbol in Drive public share URLs is not correctly handled by some browsers.

Notes: Works as expected

Issue ID: DRIV-574

Title: Drag and Drop not working in Drive

Description: After a refactor, Drag and Drop from local files stopped working.

Notes: Works as expected

Issue ID: DRIV-585

Title: Improved Drive data stream management and AWS SDK update.

Description: The AWS SDK library used for third-party volumes was updated to sort out some stream leaks and a logic improvement has been applied to avoid PAPIStreamConnectionError com.zextras.lib.ZELinkStream in writeStream errors.

Notes: A bug that could cause data stream leak was found in the AWS SDK library in use, which has been updated to solve the problem.

Issue ID: DRIV-590

Title: File previews not available

Description: Fixed an issue that prevented the preview of documents sent via Team to be properly displayed.

Notes: Works as expected


Issue ID: MOB-155

Title: MDM ApplicationList properties fix

Description: Fixed an issue that pevented the UnapprovedInROMApplicationList and ApprovedApplicationList MDM fields to be properly sent to devices.

Notes: To date, we have yet to find a device or client that complies to the Allowed/Blocked Application List, and even the protocol definition is unclear about this feature’s implementation and guidelines.

Issue ID: MOB-162

Title: Fixed Montevideo timezone issue

Description: Montevideo was not correctly synced between Zimbra and mobile devices.

Notes: Works as expected, with a workaround to translate the offset sent back from the device

Issue ID: MOB-163

Title: Added AttachmentEnabled attribute and account-only wipe

Description: Added the policy to block the attachments via EAS and the possibility to wipe only the account from the mobile device.

Notes: Works as expected

Issue ID: MOB-165

Title: CONTENT-DISPOSITION headers are now parsed for attachment names.

Description: Since some mobile clients rely on the content-disposition MIME header to identify attachment names, such header is now parsed.

Notes: Working as Intended


Issue ID: PS-14

Title: Performance optimization on Volume-to-Volume BLOB moves when both volumes reside on the same third-party storage

Description: Avoid moving data back and forth between zimbra host and s3 store when executing a doVolumeToVolumeMove operation on volumes in the same bucket.

Notes: Working as intended

Issue ID: PS-21

Title: Added Alibaba S3 compatibility

Description: Volumes can now be created on AliBaba S3 buckets.

Notes: Works as expected

Issue ID: PS-177

Title: Wrong number of unexpected blobs due to wrong filename parsing

Description: Fixed a parsing bug that could cause the doCheckBlobs operation to return a wong number of unexpected blobs.

Notes: Works as expected


Issue ID: TEAMS-1120

Title: Basic users can see the "Add Participant" button in a group even if they are not allowed to add participants

Description: Basic users can see the add participant button inside groups but receive the wrong error when they try to add users.

Notes: Changed to implement the intended behavior

Issue ID: TEAMS-1237

Title: Issues on Instant Meeting link access when a valid authtoken is present

Description: Opening an IM invite while users is already logged into an account on the same system resulted in a blank page.

Notes: Works as expected

Issue ID: TEAMS-1253

Title: Minor graphical ussues in Team Zimlet

Description: Missing padding between filename and attachment, low maximum notification width, spacing inside space details.

Notes: Works as expected, the issues were only graphical and did not affect the product’s functionality

Issue ID: TEAMS-1287

Title: No error is returned when sending a file larger than the maximum Drive allowed size via Team

Description: A warning should be returned if the user tries to send a file that exceeds the Drive allowed size via Team.

Notes: On muliple files upload, the maximum size setting is compared each single file and not to the total (as intended). Remember to take base64 encoding into account when file size is involved,

Issue ID: TEAMS-1303

Title: 404 errors when Profile Picture is missing

Description: Fixed a bug that caused a GET request to undefined to be done, returning a 404 error, every time an Avatar without image was rendered.

Notes: Works as expected

Release Date: February 27th, 2020

Zextras Suite 3.0.7


Issue ID: BCK-168

Title: Invalid failedItems detection during backup path initialization

Description: When the Backup Path is being initialized, deleting an item from a mailbox when the engine is backing it up returned an "Item not found" message since the list of items is fetched by the AccountVisitor at the beginning of the process.


Issue ID: MOB-126

Title: Make optional the dump of actions and encoders in the sync.log.

Description: Added a new log level for both general logging and Account Loggers called trace, which is by all means equal to the pre-P7 debug level.

The debug log level has been changed so that it avoids logging action and encoder information to make it more readable.

Notes: To set the general Log Level to trace run:

zxsuite config server $(zmhostname) attribute ZxCore_LogLevel value -1

Issue ID: MOB-145

Title: Zimbra account logger to debug won’t show any zextras mobile action.

Description: When enabling Zimbra’s own debug account logger for a single account mobile actions weren’t logged as debug.

Issue ID: MOB-149

Title: Add 2 more items (16.0 and 16.1) to EAS protocol option

Description: With the addition of EAS 16.0/16.1 support, the relevant Admin Console drop-down selector must be updated accordingly

Notes: EAS16/16.1 is still in beta stage, so the default settings for all devices except for Samsungs remains EAS14.1


Issue ID: PS-169

Title: doMoveMailbox "Moved zimbra db items" always counts one item in excess

Description: A bug in the item counter caused it to be always 1 element off.

Issue ID: PS-175

Title: RemoveOrphanedBlobs operation delete blobs of items in dumpster

Description: The doRemoveOrphanedBlobs operation treats the blobs of items in the dumpster as orphans, thus deleting those and causing "Missing BLOB" errors to appear when volumes are checked.

Notes: We’ve received several reports of "Missing BLOB" errors in the past couple of months, this might not be the only cause thus we are still investigating all open cases, but it is surely the cause for some of the open escalations (e.g. #34960 and #34944).

This will fix the root cause of the issue, the "Missing BLOB" errors will gradually disappear with the Dumpster folder’s content turnover.


Issue ID: DRIV-29

Title: Drive search shows duplicated redundant results

Description: When a large number of search results is returned, the result list pagination fails causing blocks of duplicated entries to be loaded instead of the actual entries.

Issue ID: DRIV-30

Title: Drive search does not paginate if the zoom is too distant

Description: When a large number of search results is returned and entire first "page" of results is visible due to browser zoom settings, the result list pagination fails further results not to be displayed.

Issue ID: DRIV-99

Title: Duplicated menu items on 'New' click

Description: Under some specific conditions, each item in the "New" menu appears twice.

Issue ID: DRIV-394

Title: Drive copy button misbehaves when entering and then leaving a directory.


When i’m trying to copy a file in Drive, the "copy" confirmation button is initially disabled since it’s not possible to copy a file to the directory where it already is stored.

If i create a folder from the "Copy" popup, enter in it and then exit by clicking the "Home" breadcrumb, the copy button is not disabled anymore and i can perform the operation (which is successful)

Issue ID: DRIV-535

Title: Team chat root is visible even when user disabled its team zimlet.

Description: The "Team Sent Files" Drive root is visible even when the Zimlet is disabled and the root is empty.

Issue ID: DRIV-556

Title: Select a folder in advance search doesn’t enable the accept button

Description: When using the Advanced Search feature in Drive, clicking on the "Folder" option in the left menu and selecting a folder does not cause the "Accept" button to activate thus making it impossible to confirm the chosen folder.


Issue ID: TEAMS-1073

Title: Right click does not work in IM input

Description: Right clicking in the text input area of Team is disabled, users are complaining about lack of the Right click → Paste feature.

Issue ID: TEAMS-1182

Title: Focus should remain on "Add participants"

Description: While creating a new group (probably also in space/channels), when a user select a contact the focus should remain on “Add participants" to simplify the addition of another one. Currently the focus is lost.

Issue ID: TEAMS-1199

Title: Avoid anonymous_access login with null credentials

Description: By joining an Instant Meeting with a valid email address/display name and then leaving the Instant Meeting while still active it was possible to re-join as null/null.

Issue ID: TEAMS-1226

Title: Using the Team Tab, a message longer than 4 rows doesn’t scroll down.

Description: When typing a long message in any chat input box within the Team tab, when the message reaches the 5th line no scrolling happened, effectively hiding the part of the message being actively written.

Notes: This only affected the Team Tab, the Mini Chat was not affected

Issue ID: TEAMS-1244

Title: Implement Send file (copy/paste case) with new async Clipboard api

Description: It is now possible to paste images directly into the Team chat box to send those as files.

Notes: This feature is released as Experimental, as due to the different combinations of use cases and platforms (OS + Browser) its behaviour might be inconsistent across the userbase and we reserve some time to evaluate possible workarounds to platforms that are not functional.

To date, copying images from an editor such as The Gimp and from a webpage works on all supported browsers and Operating Sysyems, with the exception of Firefox on OSX which does not support this feature in any scenario. Copying an image from the filesystem only works with Safari on OSX.

Zextras Suite 3.0.6

Release Date: January 27th, 2020


  • Fixed a bug that caused mountpoint creation not to be detected by the RealTime Scanner.


  • Fixed a bug that could cause recurring appointments edits not to properly sync due to an iteration error.

  • Zimlet performance improvements have been applied to the Device List management so that the inital request that populates the list won’t timeout on infrastructures with multiple mailboxd servers.

  • Fixed a bug that caused the response to a complex-repeated calendar appointment to fail.


  • Fixed a bug that caused the doMailboxMove command not to move Team profile pictures.

  • Fixed a bug that could cause a false positive “Backup Path is case insensitive“ blocking error.


  • Fixed a bug that could cause the logger service to interfere with SOAP calls made without a session cookie.


  • Files sent via Team are now visible in the new “Team Sent Files” Drive root.

  • Fixed a bug that caused the “copy” button in the share dialog not to work on Firefox.

  • Minor updates to the Italian translation.


  • Improved tab handling logic so that the cursor’s position in the document is maintained after switching away from and then back to the document editing tab.


  • Updated Team timezone management to reflect the changes in brazilian DST usage.

  • Added a hard limit of 4096 characters to all messages.

  • Fixed a bug that could cause Instant Meeting invitation emails not to be properly sent to email addresses saved in the contacts.

  • Fixed a bug that could cause Instant Meeting external attendees not to receive the appropriate message when the host terminates the Instant Meeting.

  • Added the teamCrossDomainSearchMode at COS level to define the scope of searches in Team:

    • 'local': searches among the user’s contacts and GAL, with autocomplete also returning contacts that are in the same infrastructure but not in the GAL as external users.

    • 'extended': superset of 'local' also matching full email addresses of all users in the same infrastructure as internal users.

    • 'global': superset of 'extended', but does not require an exact match on the email address to autocomplete users in the same infrastructure.

  • Minor improvements to message acknowledgment logics.

  • Fixed a concurrency issue that caused file uploads to fail when sending a file to a user/group with the same name of another group/user.

  • Fixed a bug that caused searches to fail with an error if a contact contained an invalid email address (e.g. user@domain@example.com)

  • Optimized search engine to avoid running infrastructure-wide GAL queries if the supplied query is not an email address.

Zextras Suite 3.0.5

Release Date: December 18th, 2019


This is a critical Compatibility Release
Previous Zextras Suite versions will not work on Zimbra 8.8.15p5 and higher due to the JDK update contained in such patch.


  • Fixed a bug that could cause the doMoveBlobs operation not to move some blobs and reporting a digest mismatch error.


  • Fixed a bug that could cause the team-room-resolver sub-service not to start because of a “No such Account” error.

Known Issues

  • The "Dismiss" button is missing from the pop-up notification status window that appears when logging into the Admin Console. Pressing the kbd:[Esc] key will close the pop-up.

Zextras Suite 3.0.4

Release Date: December 2nd, 2019


  • Improved server-to-server communication protocol, Teamion establishment times and resource consumption lowered to 1/5th.

  • Improved log feedback when a server is missing the Zextras Core or the Zextras Core is not reachable (a message will be displayed instead of a full stack trace).

  • The --json option of the zxsuite CLI will now output dates in Unix Epoch format.


  • The doAddEASFilter CLI command will now fail if the target of an account filter is not a local account.

  • Mobile Password set/edit/remove actions are now logged in the audit.log file.

  • Fixed a bug that could cause replies to messages with certain image type attachments sent from mobile clients to have an invalid MIME.


  • The doVolumeToVolumeMove command now features a policy option that allows to only move items that comply to a policy.

  • Fixed a bug that could cause itemID overlapping in some very specific and hard to reproduce/encounter cases.


  • Fixed a bug that could cause preauth validation to fail due to a NullPointerException error.


  • When importing files from the Briefcase, the "Last Modified" field of each file is now preserved instead of being overwritten with the import date.


  • When editing a document, Document names longer than 32 characters are now trimmed when displayed as the title of the tab to avoid tab overlapping.


  • A full log of all messages and events can be now enabled by setting the ZxChat_LogEnabled config property to true via zxsuite config. The log will be located at /opt/zimbra/log/team_audit.log.

  • Old Chat commands have been removed from the Team CLI.

  • Scrolling and focus management UX improvements.

  • Name and Topic input on both Spaces and Channels has been redesigned to be more usable and easier to understand.

  • Email and user import fields now force the Browser’s autocomplete off so that only the built-in autocomplete will kick-in.

  • Safari compatibility improved, files downloaded from a chat will now have the correct name.

  • Fixed a small UI inconsistency that caused the "Instant_Meeting" string to appear as the label of the Instant Meeting feature on non-english clients.

  • Fixed a bug that caused the wrong message to be displayed when an internal user joined an Instant Meeting via external link.

  • Fixed a routing issue that made impossible for a user to join an active Instant Meeting again after leaving.

  • Fixed a bug that could cause a mandatory Team sub-service not to start because of a Null Pointer Exception error.

Zextras Suite 3.0.3

Release Date: November 5th 2019


  • Full command start parameters are now included in all "Operation Started" notifications.

  • Logging into the Admin Console will not enter a logic loop anymore if one or more servers in the infrastructure send an empty or badly formatted zimbraServiceEnabled list.


  • Improved SmartScan error handling, especially when the Backup is being initialized. All write/permission errors are now considered blockers.

  • The doFixOrhpans operation now fully supports Drive items.


  • The getDeviceInfo command now returns more information (on par with the Legacy Mobile module).

  • Bad header detection has been improved, badly formatted items that used to cause errors such as "javax.mail.internet.ParseException: Expected parameter name, got ";" " should now be handled correctly.

  • Fixed a bug that could cause a " java.lang.RuntimeException: Invalid Zimbra WeekOfMonth 5" error during calendar sync.


  • The doMoveMailbox operation has been reworked to improve resource usage and lower its impact on the system’s general performances.

  • Fixed a bug that could cause the doMoveBlobs operation to only handle 10001 items for each run.


  • Fixed an issue that caused Delegated Admin authentication to be logged twice, once as "Unknown" and once with the proper email address.


  • Added a MIME-detection logic to assiste the browser’s build-in one. This avoids unknown files to be uploaded with a 0 bytes file size.

  • Folder download will now get all items hosted on third party volumes synchronously in order to avoid download issues.

  • Fixed a bug that caused items imported from Briefcase to lose the original creation date.


  • No changes


  • Several minor message acknowledgement (read/unread) and scrolling improvements.

  • When searching for a contact, more information will be displayed (e.g. in the "New Chat" view).

  • The default Instant Meeting name format has been changed to "Instant Meeting YYYY-MM-DD".

  • An error is now displayed when a user tries to upload a profile picture larger than the allowed size.

  • Fixed a bug that could cause sent file preview to be inconsistent between the mini chat view and the tab view.

  • Fixed a bug that allowed to add multiple instances of the same email address to an Instant Meeting’s attendee list.

  • Fixed a bug that could cause both ends of a 1:1 chat to see the "You created the conversation" message on new conversations.

  • Fixed a bug that could cause all users in a channel to see the "You joined the channel" message when another user joined the channel.

  • Fixed a bug that could cause the background of the "Instant Meeting Link" section of an Instant Meeting’s info panel to have a white background.

  • Fixed a bug that caused the "Cancel" button in some dialogs to be empty.

  • Fixed a bug that prevented to send a file when the same file was added to the list of files to send and then removed.

  • Fixed a bug that could cause profile picture changes not to be immediately viewed in

Zextras Suite 3.0.2

Release Date: October 8th 2019


  • Improved License duration and expiration feedback in the Admin Console.

  • New versions of the Zextras Drive Zimlet, Zextras Docs Zimlet and Zextras Team Zimlet have been released.

    • After deploying the new zimlets, clear the server’s cache with zmprov fc all.

  • New Zextras Drive mobile app!


  • Added a new "force_as_external_restore" option to the External Restore feature in order to improve Disaster Recovery usability.

  • Improved Backup Purge to ignore errors triggered by the original item having an invalid locator field.

  • The default value for the "Free Space Threshold" value has been changed to 2048Mb to improve usability.

  • "lost+found" system folders within the Backup Path are now properly ignored, as those could have made the Purge operation to fail.


  • The "EmptyFolderContent" EAS command is now only supported for the /Trash folder.

  • Improved the compatibility with Blackberry UEM.

  • Mobile log lines will now always include the original IP address of the client.

  • The minimum value for the WindowSize setting is now 1, as 0 is not supposed to be used and could cause the sync to get stuck on some clients.

  • Fixed a bug that could cause the "Content-type" header not to be properly updated when forwarding a message from a client that uses the SmartForward EAS feature.


  • The doCheckBlobs operation now includes Drive BLOBs.

  • Improved performances on the HSM policy application when policies only contain time-based and/or size-based rules.

  • Applying the HSM policy when the source volume contained Drive files reported filename errors in the log and did not move Drive files.

  • When choosing to save an attachment to Drive, the Home folder is now the default destination.

  • Shares to accounts that don’t exist anymore are now ignored and not shown anymore.

  • Fixed a bug that caused the "Save attachment to Drive" feature to fail if the email containing the attachment was in a shared folder.

  • UI translations have been updated.

  • Fixed a bug that could increase disk usage during the HSM operation.


  • New Zextras Drive Zimlet available, deploy it from the "Core" section of the Zextras Administration Zimlet after upgrading Zextras Suite to benefit of all client improvements and bugfixes.

  • Fixed a bug that could cause documents saved to Drive from an email to become uneditable by Docs.

  • UI translations have been updated and now include Spanish (es_ES) and Brazilian Portuguese (pt_BR).


  • New Zextras Docs Zimlet available, deploy it from the "Core" section of the Zextras Administration Zimlet after upgrading Zextras Suite to benefit of all client improvements and bugfixes.

  • Changed the internal URL creation logic from absolute to relative in order to better handle concurrent file editing on multistore environments.

  • A new version of the Docs server has been released for Centos 7 and Ubuntu 16.

    • Due to a library management issue in Ubuntu 18, the Docs server update for this Operating System is postponed to the next release.


  • New Zextras Docs Zimlet available, deploy it from the "Core" section of the Zextras Administration Zimlet after upgrading Zextras Suite to benefit of all client improvements and bugfixes.

  • Users can now send files via Team, by either dragging and dropping one or more files to any Chat/Group conversation or using the "paperclip" icon. Files sent via Team are uploaded on a dedicated, protected folder in the sender’s Drive and will remain available to the receivers until deleted. *Multiple Instant Meeting user experience improvements:

    • The Instant Meeting creation UI has been redesigned to be clearer and more usable;

    • Upon successfully adding an attendee to the list, a confirmation message will briefly appear under the "Add attendee email" box;

    • Internal users invited to an Instant Meeting will now always receive an email notification just like the one received by external users;

    • When creating an Instan Meeting, autocomplete from both GAL and Address Book is now available;

    • The "Save" button has been relabeled to "Start" to better describe its use;

  • Fixed a bug that caused the "Team" logo to appear twice in the Instant Meeting log-in page;

  • Fixed a bug that could cause links sent or copy/pasted via chat to have garbage characters at the end.

  • Fixed a bug that could cause the "message read" acknowledgment (two blue ticks) to be sent when the message was delivered.

  • Fixed a bug that stripped "hard" newlines in a message (e.g. by pressing SHIFT+Enter)

  • Fixed a bug that caused the "Last Seen" field to display the word "Now" for users that never used Team.

  • Team will now be disabled if a user is logged in from a browser that does not support WebRTC.

  • UI translations have been updated and now include Spanish (es_ES), Portuguese (pt_PT) and Brazilian Portuguese (pt_BR)

  • Fixed a bug that could cause the "Conversation Created" message to be misplaced

Zextras Suite 3.0.1

Release Date: August 21st 2019


  • Fixed a bug in Team license check that prevent Team to properly works.


  • Fixed a bug that could cause purge operation to fail in case of items with no blob.

  • Fixed a bug that could cause restore / undelete operations to fail when restoring very old back-up.

  • Other minor bug fixes and improvements.


  • Fixed a bug that cause import/export to fail when using primary remote storage.


  • Minor bug fixes and improvements.

Zextras Suite 3.0.0

Release Date: August 7th, 2019


  • New component: Zextras Docs.

  • New component: Zextras Team.

  • After 6 years of honorable service, Zextras Chat has reached its End of Life in favor of Zextras Team.


  • Improved AccountScan operation output to account of metadata changed by an "Empty Folder" action in the WebClient.

  • Improved the doItemSearch command help (CLI).

  • Improved the error management logic to avoid causing OutOfMemory errors during a SmartScan when many missing BLOBs are detected in any Zimbra volume.

  • Improved the usability of the doFixShares command. It will now also work if the full path to the map file is entered.

  • Fixed a bug that could cause a ` java.lang.Long cannot be cast to class java.lang.String` error during the doCoherencyCheck operation.


  • Minor bug fixes and improvements.


  • Improved the performances of the doMoveBlobs operation (Apply HSM) thanks to a new logic that makes it quicker to identify items that should be moved, especially on volumes with a very large number of items.

  • Running the doCheckBlobs operation with the missing_blob_delete_item option will now also delete database entries of items with an invalid/nonexisting volume locator value.

  • Swift buckets now support Auth v2.

  • Ceph is now officially supported for both Primary and Secondary volumes.

    • To create a volume on CEPH, use zxsuite powerstore docreatevolume Ceph <attributes>.

  • Added the read_error_threshold option to the doVolumeToVolumeMove operation.

  • Fixed a bug that caused the doCheckBlobs operation to sometime process only 100 items if the missing_blob_delete_item option was set to true.

  • Fixed a bug that could cause a storage error when an IMAP client tried to save a message in the Sent folder if Centralized Storage was enabled.


  • Minor bug fixes and improvements.


  • Added a "Save to Drive" option for email attachments.

  • Added a "Send as attachment" option when right-clicking a file in Drive.


  • New component added.


  • New component added.