Zextras Changelog - 3.1.x releases

Zextras Suite 3.1.3


Issue ID: BCK-365

Title: CoherencyCheck stopping procedure fixed

Description: Now the Coherency Check stops without checking server configurations if stop is sent before the check starts.

Notes: now the stop command is correctly handled

Issue ID: BCK-370

Title: Restore operation now preserve folders' colors

Description: Colors of folders are now preserved while restoring from an external source.

Notes: Zimbra is now more colorful

Issue ID: BCK-373

Title: Fixed restore of Drive revisions

Description: A bug that prevented the current version of a Drive document to be correctly restored in an external restore has been fixed.

Notes: now the external restore actually restores all files' versions

Issue ID: BCK-374

Title: Restore operation now preserves keep forever attribute in Drive

Description: The "keep forever" attribute of Drive file versions is now preserved on external restore.

Notes: keep forever attribute is now preserved

Issue ID: BCK-380

Title: Improve restore drive share loglines

Description: Improved restore operation loglines for drive shares so that no longer point to "new target"

Notes: restore lines for drive shared items have been changed


Issue ID: COR-374

Title: Notification panel redesign

Description: Based on customers' inquiries, the notifications' list and the operations' queue in the zimbraAdmin have been completely redesigned to be more clear and and easily usable by admins.

Notes: now the notifications' panel is more easy to use and clearer to read


Issue ID: DRIV-885

Title: Improve deleted shared drive items handling

Description: Drive shared items are now shown as striked in "shared with me" instead of being listed in the trash folder

Notes: Shared drive items marked for deletion are correctly shown in shared with me

Issue ID: DRIV-928

Title: A new command shows Drive quotas

Description: Upon customers' inquiry, a new CLI command has been added to read the Drive quotas.

Notes: known issue: help is not shown if no parameter is given


Issue ID: MOB-244

Title: getAllDevices now supports multiserver environments

Description: You can now use the getAllDevices command to ask the devices list to all store servers.

Notes: you can now have the list of all devices in all the infrastructure from a single server via CLI

Issue ID: MOB-246

Title: Fixed attachments in recurring appointments exceptions

Description: A bug that prevented the attachments in exceptions of recurring appointments to be downloaded has been fixed.

Notes: the bug has been fixed and the attachments can successfully be opened

Issue ID: MOB-256

Title: Calendar attachment deletion fixed

Description: Fixed a bug that prevented the calendar attachments to be deleted from synchronized devices.

Notes: works as expected


Issue ID: PS-257

Title: Centralized volumes as secondary store

Description: Centralized volumes now inherit the type on all the servers, if the centralized volume on the main server is created as secondary volume, then the centralized volumes that derive from it in other servers will be secondary too.

Notes: now you can have centralized secondary volumes too

Issue ID: PS-261

Title: DoCheckBlobs orphaned mailbox handling improvement

Description: Improved orphaned mailbox handling so that DoCheckBlobs no longer returns an error when one is found

Notes: no exception is logged anymore

Issue ID: PS-264

Title: Moveblobs log improvement

Description: Moveblobs log no longer contain a Dumpster log line if dumpster items were not included in the hsm policy

Notes: moveblobs logs are cleaner


Issue ID: TEAMS-1393

Title: Improved sharing link for instant meetings

Description: Links for joining instant meetings have been improved to easier share them avoiding errors.

Notes: no more encoding errors in sharing bug

Issue ID: TEAMS-1778

Title: Improved synchronization of Team’s database

Description: Now the Team nodes bulk insert users when populating rooms between different Team nodes

Notes: None

Issue ID: TEAMS-1782

Title: Move room errors fixed

Description: A bug that prevented the error messages to be logged when moving a single room between stores in a multiserver environment has been fixed.

Notes: now failure notifications are correctly reported on moving rooms

Issue ID: TEAMS-1783

Title: Unused rooms cleared daily

Description: A scheduler now cleans daily the Team rooms left without any member.

Notes: no more empty rooms left in the database

Issue ID: TEAMS-1809

Title: Improved Group name handling

Description: Group names no longer trigger an error during a file upload if their name contains characters that cannot be handled by drive

Notes: no error is returned

Issue ID: TEAMS-1821

Title: Team loading splash screen added

Description: A splash screen will be shown to the users while Team is loading.

Notes: splash screen is now shown to users while Team is loading

Issue ID: TEAMS-1827

Title: Improved Instant meeting creation

Description: When choosing to create a new instant meeting an option is now given to the user that must decide between creating a new one while terminating the existing one or abort the operation

Notes: feature implemented as expected

Issue ID: TEAMS-1831

Title: Anonymous user cleanup from room fix

Description: Fixed an issue that would cause certain anonymous users to be removed from rooms after 1 hour

Notes: instant meetings function reliably after the one hour mark

Issue ID: TEAMS-1833

Title: User status truncated at 256 chars length

Description: The setStatus handler now truncates the user status at 256 chars length to be compliant with the Team API.

Notes: setStatus is now compliant with the Team API

Issue ID: TEAMS-1836

Title: Instant meetings' and spaces' topic added on invite email

Description: To avoid Zimbra grouping invites to instant meetins and spaces, the topic has been added to the mail’s subject.

Notes: invites are no more grouped

Zextras Suite 3.1.2


Issue ID: BCK-233

Title: Improved backup feedback on web console

Description: A better warning is returned in the web admin console if there are issues with the backup directory (backup damaged, disk full, etc)

Notes: new error forces the admin to verify the root cause

Issue ID: BCK-307

Title: Bug preventing files revisions' metadata to be created in backup fixed

Description: Metadata were not properly created in the backup by the Real Time Scanner for Briefcase’s files' revisions while they was by the Smart Scan. Now also the Real Time Scanner correctly creates metadata for revisions.

Notes: a correct backup of Briefcase’s files' versions is now correctly taken by the Real Time Scanner without wait for the Smart Scan

Issue ID: BCK-319

Title: Backup GetAvailableAccounts count fix

Description: Fixed an issue that would cause incorrect list of available accounts from the backup when an account was deleted and then restored with the same name

Notes: accounts with the same name are now handled properly in the backup

Issue ID: BCK-326

Title: Coherency check fixBackup can now handle Drive missing blobs

Description: The coherency check with fixBackup flag set to true can now handle Drive’s missing blobs.

Notes: the restoration of Drive’s missing blobs works as expected

Issue ID: BCK-329

Title: doRestoreOnNewAccount fails when user has zimbraPrefWhenInFolderIds pointing to a shared subfolder

Description: Fixed a NullPointer exception error in resolving the foler’s account owner since maps are not available during that stage of the operation

Notes: Working as intended

Issue ID: BCK-341

Title: Backup exports now filter disabled cos

Description: Coses removed from backup will no longer be included in backup exports

Notes: accounts are filtered by cos during export

Issue ID: BCK-358

Title: External restore now restores Drive’s shares

Description: The external restore operation now restores the Drive’s shared resources too. The doFixShares operation can also handle different type of serialized maps to be compatible with mapped id’s from Drive.

Notes: you don’t need to run the doFixShares operation to restore Drive’s shares, but it is compatible with Drive’s ids


Issue ID: COR-452

Title: Improved server-to-server connection handling

Description: Every time the DataStoreServiceAccessor performs an operation a new connection is created and closed. This slows down cluster synchronization by a substantial amount. Replace this with a permanent connection which will be initialized and closed with the DataStoreServiceAccessor lifecycle.

Notes: Tested in dogfood environment


Issue ID: DOCS-96

Title: Docs memory check fix

Description: Fixed an issue that caused incorrect output values for totalAvailableMemory and usedMemory of the command zxsuite docs status

Notes: totalAvailableMemory and usedMemory value appear to be correct


Issue ID: MOB-207

Title: Added a parameter to configure Outlook EAS filter

Description: Now the default Outlook EAS filter could be modified with ZxMobile_MaxOutlookVersion parameter to customize the EAS version used by Outlook clients.

Notes: Outlook clients can now be synchronized with any EAS version.

Issue ID: MOB-215

Title: "No such folder id: 0" error on search

Description: A bug caused mobile searches to return an error when searching for a string that returns no result.

Notes: Working as intended

Issue ID: MOB-216

Title: Reactions to invites from mobile devices fixed

Description: Fixed a bug that prevented the reactions sent from mobile devices to be displayed in the details of the appointment.

Notes: the bug has been fixed

Issue ID: MOB-222

Title: Samsung EAS16 sync loop workaround

Description: Samsung devices could enter a loop when using EAS16 if an invalid email address is saved in a draft.

Notes: Working as intended

Issue ID: MOB-223

Title: Recurring appointments' attachments bugfixes

Description: Fixed three bugs that prevented the attachments to be properly synchronized in recurring appointments on an invite.

Notes: attachments correctly synchonized

Issue ID: MOB-224

Title: Completed tasks sync bug fixed

Description: Fixed a bug that prevented the completed tasks to be correctly synchronized via EAS.

Notes: now completed tasks are correctly synchronized

Issue ID: MOB-252

Title: Fixed a bug that could cause all appontiment attendees to receive a "Appointment Deleted" notification when one attendee declined the invite from a mobile device.

Description: Fixed a bug that could cause all appontiment attendees to receive a "Declined" notification when one attendee declined the invite from a mobile device.

Notes: Working as intended


Issue ID: PS-244

Title: Improved doVolumeToVolumeMove reliability when orphaned mailboxes are present

Description: The doVolumeToVolumeMove operation often failed when the server had orphaned mailboxes. Issues regarding orphaned/missing mailboxes are now properly handled and logged.

Notes: Working as Intended

Issue ID: PS-248

Title: Misleading reports removed from doVolumeToVolumeMove operation

Description: When running a doVolumeToVolumeMove operation, the count of source blobs' deletions can show misleading numbers in lazy deleting file systems, so the confirmation has been removed.

Notes: now the source blobs' deletions count are correct

Issue ID: PS-250

Title: Added incorrectly compressed digest handling

Description: Docheckblobs operations with fix_incorrect_compresset digests flag set to true now verify if the digest is calculated on the compressed blob even if the blob is not and fixes it.a

Notes: digests are fixed

Issue ID: PS-259

Title: Moving a mailbox with empty Drive document fixed

Description: Solved a bug that prevented a mailbox containing an empty Drive document to be properly moved to another mailboxd.

Notes: the mailbox can actually be moved even when containing empty Drive docs


Issue ID: TEAMS-1755

Title: WebSocket stability improvement

Description: In order to improve stabilty on slow connections, a delay has been added between the disconnect of a client and the closing of the related WebSocket

Notes: Tested on dogfood environment

Issue ID: TEAMS-1756

Title: UX Improvements when connection issues are experienced

Description: Sometimes, in case of connection issues, the same message is displayed multiple times in the chat. When the client is refreshed, the additional copies disappear.

Notes: Working as intended

Issue ID: TEAMS-1768

Title: Chat sidebar graphical fix

Description: Fixed a bug that caused the Zimbra components in the top bar to shift upward when the icons in the chat sidebar exceedes the height of the screen.

Notes: works as intended

Zextras Suite 3.1.1


Issue ID: BCK-290

Title: Improved restore operation error handling

Description: Improved restore operation so that it will complete even if any Drive’s blob is missing from the backup.

Notes: Missing Drive’s blobs no more stop the restore operation

Issue ID: BCK-305

Title: Improved Restore Operation Feedback

Description: Improved restore operation operation log, now restored/unrestored/skipped zimbra and drive items are counted both on undelete and restoreonnewaccount operations

Notes: restore operation logs contain all the expected counters


Issue ID: COR-406

Title: Removed case sensitiveness to mobile device list

Description: Hostname checks are no longer case sensitive for the list of user mobile devices in the web admin panel, this would prevent admins to edit users settings

Notes: case mismatch between hostname and ldap settings no longer cause the issue


Issue ID: DOCS-90

Title: Removed incorrect "too many open documents" error

Description: There is no longer a warning where more than 50 documents are opened at the same time

Notes: __zimbra@mail:~$ zxsuite docs status

                id                                                          e465363b-6d1b-48a7-bb17-5d542b655991
                name                                                        346eee7be0b2
                hostname                                                    346eee7be0b2
                status                                                      online
                activeDocuments                                             55
                activeUsers                                                 66
                totalAvailableMemory                                        201.19 MB
                usedMemory                                                  5.94 MB
                version                                                     4.2.1


Issue ID: DRIV-776

Title: Fixed PDF scrolling bug on Firefox

Description: Fixed a bug where opening a PDF file using the Firefox browser the page wouldn’t scroll using the keyboard

Notes: PDF files can be scrolled using the keyboard on Firefox

Issue ID: DRIV-821

Title: Removed "Save into Drive" option for mail-type attachment

Description: The option to save into Drive for mail-type attachment was removed

Notes: Cannot save into Drive .eml attachments

Issue ID: DRIV-828

Title: Drive file versioning window improvement

Description: Minor graphical improvement regarding the spacing between text and icon in the first line of the drive file versioning window

Notes: spaces have been added to improve readability


Issue ID: MOB-208

Title: Mobile invalid address handling improvement

Description: Implemented a workaround for mobile devices that do not validate destination accounts that would end up in a loop when sending mails with invalid addresses.

Notes: mail is sent only once and an error mail is returned. One message still shows up in the dumpster

Issue ID: MOB-217

Title: Blank Bcc field stripped from email in mobile devices

Description: Fixed a bug that showed a blank Bcc field in mobile devices when the recipient is in Bcc

Notes: some clients hide blank Bcc fields


Issue ID: PS-251

Title: Added log line on docheckblobs item deletion

Description: Added a log line for the docheckblobs whenever an item is removed by missing_blob_delete_item option

Notes: log behaves as expected

Issue ID: PS-252

Title: Implemented double compression handling

Description: Docheckblobs operations now fix double compressed items if check_incorrect_compressed_digests is set to true

Notes: tested successfully with suggested parameters


Issue ID: TEAMS-1119

Title: Start a new instant meeting from new conversations

Description: Now users can start a new instant meeting from a new conversation without having written a single message first

Notes: Now you can start a new instant meeting without even write a single message

Issue ID: TEAMS-1317

Title: Instant meeting ringing handling improved

Description: Improved the handling of rings on instant meeting calls. Now the ringing in web browser stops when user answer the call from a the mobile app

Notes: no more annoying ringing on the web interface

Issue ID: TEAMS-1436

Title: Instant message duplication on connection loss

Description: If connections from the server are dropped during a conversation messages gets duplicated as they kept being resend while the connection is down

Notes: messages are not duplicated, it might be necessary to refresh the page

Issue ID: TEAMS-1581

Title: Added move room between hosts feature

Description: It is now possible to move groups/spaces/channels between hosts

Notes: new implemented commands appear to work properly

Issue ID: TEAMS-1622

Title: Data are being preserved while creating new instant meetings

Description: While creating a new instant meeting, you can now switch tabs without losing the data already inserted.

Notes: you will no longer lost already inserted attendees while checking the other emails to add

Issue ID: TEAMS-1688

Title: Team and Drive hidden in mobile browsers

Description: Team and Drive have been hidden from mobile browsers because users can use the relative mobile apps

Notes: mobile apps are preferred for mobile devices

Issue ID: TEAMS-1689

Title: Fixed multiple preview_ready websocket messages

Description: A bug that sent multiple "preview_ready" messages via WebSocket while uploading an image in a conversation has been fixed. Now only one message is sent when the preview is ready.

Notes: works as expected

Issue ID: TEAMS-1735

Title: Fixed conversation GUI issue on Firefox

Description: Fixed a issue that would present itself on Firefox, where opening a conversation the user interface would brake

Notes: no GUI issues on Firefox with conversations

Release Date: July 14th, 2020 == Zextras Suite 3.1.0 === Backup

Issue ID: BCK-230

Title: Itemrestore logs improvements

Description: Restore log lines now specify the primary address of the restored item’s account

Notes: [Restores item] log lines have been modified as expected

Issue ID: BCK-248

Title: Missing digests reported in backup coherency check

Description: Fixed a bug that prevented missing digests to be reported in backup coherency check.

Notes: The missing digests are now correctly reported.

Issue ID: BCK-262

Title: RestoreOnNewAccount domain creation fix

Description: Fixed a bug that caused a domain to be undeleted when running a dorestoreonnewaccount operation recovering an account from a deleted domain

Notes: Account is created but no domain is recovered

Issue ID: BCK-273

Title: HSM service mandatory for restore operation

Description: RestoreBlob operations now require the hsm module to be running, otherwise an error is returned

Notes: "Request ignored since module hsm is disabled" error is returned

Issue ID: BCK-284

Title: Restore account with deleted COS fixed

Description: Fixed a bug that caused the restore on new account to fail when the assigned COS was deleted.

Notes: works as expected


Issue ID: COR-300

Title: Made CLI parameters and attribute names case-insensitive

Description: Parameters and attribute names are now recognized with any capitalization to improve CLI usability

Notes: the CLI usage experience is strongly improved

Issue ID: COR-361

Title: No more false unknown logins in admin panel reported

Description: Fixed a bug that caused false unknown logins to be reported in the monthly report relative to admins activities.

Notes: now it works as expected, please note that if no information is provided neither via cookies nor via "name" parameter, the name will always be "unknown"

Issue ID: COR-371

Title: Added admin interface translations

Description: Admin interface has been translate into Portuguese, French, German, Italian, Spanish, Dutch, Japanese, Simplified Chinese, Indonesian, Thai, and Hindi.

Notes: web admin interface appears to have been correctly translated


Issue ID: DRIV-338

Title: Several minor drive import improvements

Description: Logging has been improved for doImportBriefcase operations: user details for each line, exceptions are listed, the number of account is liste, a final report has been added and a missing account is no longer a blocking condition

Notes: logs for doImportBriefcase operations are much more verbose

Issue ID: DRIV-750

Title: Fixed drive cyrillic fonts handling on download

Description: Fixed an issue that mangled the filename of drive items on download when cyrillic fonts were present

Notes: cyrillic names aren’t renamed any longer

Issue ID: DRIV-765

Title: Completed translation for Drive’s docs menu entries

Description: Docs related menu entries under the drive tab have all been translated

Notes: translation of the elements under the drive tab appears to be completed

Issue ID: DRIV-771

Title: Made Drive panel similar between classic and modern

Description: Done some graphical review of Drive panel to make it very similar between classic and modern GUI.

Notes: the two panels are now very similar

Issue ID: DRIV-783

Title: Info button in Drive search views fixed

Description: Fixed a bug that prevented the info button to be clickable in search views, these comprehend the default views (starred, shared by me, shared with me and Trash views).

Notes: now you can open the info box from all search views

Issue ID: DRIV-785

Title: Versions' Upload and Purge buttons disabled in view only shares

Description: Purge and Upload buttons remained enabled in versioning for view only shares. Now this has been fixed.

Notes: now the buttons are correctly disabled in view only shares

Issue ID: DRIV-786

Title: Improved versioning description

Description: The versioning description is now independent from the retention time and the number of versions to keep.

Notes: the description now is more correct

Issue ID: DRIV-790

Title: Removed meaningless drive menu entry

Description: The Dirve move menu entry has been removed for "shared with me" items

Notes: Menu entry has been removed


Issue ID: PS-235

Title: Check_digests implicit for fix_incorrect_compressed_digests

Description: It is no longer necessary to specify check_digests true when fix_incorrect_compressed_digests is also true

Notes: fix_incorrect_compressed_digests no longer requires check_digests

Issue ID: PS-241

Title: Fixed missing text on web admin interface

Description: The command for viewing the current moveblobs operation is now returned when a mailboxmove operation is launched from the web interface

Notes: command string has been restored

Issue ID: PS-242

Title: Fixed customs3 bucket migration issue

Description: Fixed an issue that would not add "storeType CUSTOM_S3" to custom buckets configuration when upgrading to the new bucket management if a custom_s3 bucket and at least one swift or openio volume is present

Notes: upgrade is tested as successful


Issue ID: TEAMS-1329

Title: Missing Safari notifications fix

Description: Fixed on screen notifications that were missing in safari

Notes: notifications now work on safari too

Issue ID: TEAMS-1389

Title: Provide relative path for websocket and v7 API

Description: Team login now provides a relative local path for websockets and the version 7 of the API

Notes: works as expected

Issue ID: TEAMS-1561

Title: Graphical improvements for emoji selector

Description: Made the emoji selector more harmonious

Notes: the emoji selector is now in line with graphic

Issue ID: TEAMS-1562

Title: Added scrollbars to instant messaging elements

Description: Scrollbars are available to view all the elements available in the interface.

Notes: scrollbars are clearly visible

Issue ID: TEAMS-1579

Title: Improved instant message lenght limit management

Description: It should not be possible to instert more than 4096 character in an instant message (previously it was possible to do so but it would have been truncated)

Notes: it is now impossible to insert messages longer that the maximus deliverable size

Issue ID: TEAMS-1580

Title: Improved add participants view

Description: The avatar icon has been added to the add participants view of the instant meetings

Notes: Improved add participants view

Issue ID: TEAMS-1588

Title: Improved send message icon

Description: The icon used to send instant messages should switch from an airplane to a clip depending if text has been inserted in the textbox

Notes: the send message/attachment icon switches as expected

Issue ID: TEAMS-1612

Title: Added empty message handling

Description: It should not possible to send an instant message made only of empty space

Notes: sending of messages made only of spaces is no longer possible

Issue ID: TEAMS-1614

Title: Improved notifications of read messages

Description: The notifications of read messages now shows who has read the messages in groups, spaces and instant meetings.

Notes: now you can easily know who read your messages

Issue ID: TEAMS-1628

Title: Improved user details section

Description: Improved the user details section of one on one conversations where the user’s name was truncated too early

Notes: the username can now span all of the infopanel’s length

Issue ID: TEAMS-1633

Title: Completed translations of user’s settings

Description: The device settings of the user’s settings section are now translated

Notes: interface translation now looks complete

Issue ID: TEAMS-1634

Title: Added translation for file description

Description: Added translation for the file description when attaching a file to an instant message

Notes: interface translation now looks complete

Issue ID: TEAMS-1638

Title: Removed end meeting notification

Description: The end meeting message does no longer trigger a notification

Notes: notification for the meeting end event has been suppressed

Issue ID: TEAMS-1650

Title: Updated translations for new graphics

Description: Translations have been extended and now all elements for audio/video meetings are translated

Notes: translation of the last elements has been included