Zextras Suite Changelog - Release 3.4.0

Release Date August 9th, 2021

Solved Issues


*Issue ID:* AUTH-255

Title: Static OTP codes usable only once

Description: When requested for the OTP, the user inputs one of the static codes. If the code is correct and available the access is granted. Additionally, the user receives an email notifying that one code has been used, and that the user have other X codes.


*Issue ID:* MOB-352

Title: EAS account logger WindowSize is not honored

Description: Now EAS account logger works with Window Size.


*Issue ID:* TEAMS-2891

Title: Minichat with space and channel conversations

Description: Minichat can display Space and Channel conversations as well.

*Issue ID:* TEAMS-2933

Title: Added addOwner usage examples

Description: Improved the 'Usage example' description to better document the 'addOwner' command.

*Issue ID:* TEAMS-2936

Title: Enabled to forward messages/attachments to Spaces and Channels

Description: With API V15 users can forward messages/attachments to Spaces and Channels.

*Issue ID:* TEAMS-2963

Title: Meetings can be opened on a new browser tab

Description: Now, users can decide to open the meetings on another browser tab