Zextras Suite Changelog - Release 3.6.0

Release Date October 4th, 2021

Solved Issues


*Issue ID:* AUTH-300

Title: OTP Label is now customizable

Description: Users can now edit labels of newly generated TOTPs.


*Issue ID:* DRIV-1207

Title: Window title now reads Drive in place of Zimbra Drive.

Description: The title of Drive window for external users has changed to "Drive".


*Issue ID:* PS-325

Title: Enhanced Mailbox move speed

Description: Optimizations to the MailboxMove command operation now speeds up the operation thereby reducing the time taken.

*Issue ID:* PS-342

Title: Tika indexing exceptions management enhanced

Description: Documents that raise 204 (no content) and 422 (unprocessable entity) HTTP codes as a result of Tika parsing are no longer re-tried and a log is reported in the mailbox.log file.


*Issue ID:* TEAMS-2317

Title: Optimized Team performance to address lag

Description: Zextras Team now performs better and no longer lags after prolonged usage.

*Issue ID:* TEAMS-2440

Title: Updated logs for ChatAutoCleanup procedure

Description: The ChatAutoCleanup procedure now no longer shows incomplete logs.

*Issue ID:* TEAMS-2510

Title: Teams no longer saves mute status of exiting users

Description: Users' mute status is no longer remembered by Teams and users returning to an ongoing conversation are not muted — irrespective of their mute status when exiting.

*Issue ID:* TEAMS-3034

Title: Improved Team file download

Description: Users sometimes faces issues when downloading files sent by other users. The download of a file from one-to-one chat now no longer suffers casual failures due to buffer issues.

*Issue ID:* TEAMS-3108

Title: Fixed a paste issue on Chrome versions higher than 91.

Description: Fixed issue where users, on chrome version higher than 92, experienced issues when pasting text in a conversation.