Zextras Suite Changelog - Release 3.7.0

Release Date November 2nd, 2021

Solved Issues


*Issue ID:* AUTH-314

Title: Password change with custom zimbraAuthMech

Description: It is now possible for the users to change their password after admins have enabled the custom:zx zimbraAuthMech

*Issue ID:* AUTH-320

Title: New tab for Auth zimlet

Description: By clicking on the Zextras Auth zimlet, a new Auth tab will be opened resulting in a clearer interface for the users.


*Issue ID:* BCK-589

Title: Moved mailboxes now marked as deleted

Description: The doPurgeMailboxes operation now marks as deleted mailboxes the ones that are moved to other servers. This makes the Backup purge operation clean the data left after by the move operations too.


*Issue ID:* COR-639

Title: Text selection and contextual menu in administration console fixed

Description: Fixed a bug that caused the text selection and the contextual menu in the Zimbra administration console not to work properly.

*Issue ID:* COR-644

Title: Temporary link for 2FA users login

Description: In order to allow users with 2FA enabled to log in, Admin generates a preauth link from the admin console and can send the link to the user, that will be able to access the webmail


*Issue ID:* MOB-357

Title: Bug with PARTSTAT field on appointment invitation fixed

Description: Fixed a bug that caused the PARTSTAT field of an invitation to be wrongly set as NEED-ACTION on accepting one appointment via Exchange ActiveSync. This bug caused the appointment not to be shown via CalDAV.


*Issue ID:* TEAMS-3215

Title: Accessibility improved in Team

Description: Now every icon in Team has an alternative text, a title and a label to improve accessibility.