Latest Release - Zextras Suite 3.1.4

Release Date: November 2nd, 2020

Known Issues
  • The zxsuite drive getQuota command does not return a help message when ran without arguments. More info in the Zextras Drive Admin Guide

  • Docs Server setup never upgrades the current package on CentOS.

IMPORTANT: Before you install

Please make sure to read this section if you are using the "Mobile Password" feature of Zextras Mobile.

Starting from Zextras Suite 3.1.4, the Mobile Password feature has been moved from the Zextras Mobile module to Zextras Auth.

This means, that during the first service start after the upgrade, existing Mobile Passwords will be migrated from the Mobile module to the Auth module.

During the migration, clients that use a mobile password might receive and "Invalid Credential" error. While the process itself usually takes a few seconds, some infrastructures might need more time (especially those with more than a few thousands of users).

To avoid any slowdown and user impact, please follow this steps:

  • Before the installation, turn off the Zextras Mobile service auto-start by running zxsuite config server \'zmhostname\' set attribute ZxMobile_ModuleEnabledAtStartup value false;

  • Install the new version;

  • After the mailboxd is restarted and the installation completed, manually start the Mobile Module running zxsuite mobile doStartService module;

  • Re-enable the service auto-start by running zxsuite config server \'zmhostname\' set attribute ZxMobile_ModuleEnabledAtStartup value true;



*Issue ID:* BCK-308

Title: Account deletion logging improvement

Description: Improved logging of account deletion operation that caused non-relevant lines to be logged when backup service is running but not initialized

Notes: log handling has been improved

*Issue ID:* BCK-366

Title: External Restore backward compatibility improvement

Description: Restoring data from backups made on very old releases now correctly import tag data

Notes: it is now possible to migrate from old versions still in technical guidance

*Issue ID:* BCK-384

Title: Added chat backup disable option

Description: It is now possible to disable the chat backup from the scheduled operation

Notes: Chat database is not backed up when backupChatEnabled is set to false

*Issue ID:* BCK-385

Title: Improved restore date handling

Description: A more readable error is returned when a restore is attempted specifying a date from before the account was first backed up

Notes: The correct error is returned

*Issue ID:* BCK-386

Title: Fixed doExport admin mail

Description: Fixed the value of the backup export directory returned in the operation log mail received by the administrator

Notes: The backup path parameter is correctly returned

*Issue ID:* BCK-399

Title: Added support for backup to external volume

Description: It is now possible to use an external volume, for example an s3 bucket, as store for backup data

Notes: option is present and backup data is sent to the s3 bucket


*Issue ID:* COR-417

Title: Core page inaccessible with expired license fix

Description: Fixed an issue that would make the core section of the zextras menu unusable with an expired license

Notes: it is now possible to upload a new license via web after the old one has expired


*Issue ID:* DOCS-92

Title: Docs codebase udate

Description: Upgraded libreoffice component to version 4.2.6

Notes: the correct version is returned

*Issue ID:* DOCS-99

Title: Added Roboto font to Docs

Description: Added the Roboto Font to Docs

Notes: Roboto font is listed

*Issue ID:* DOCS-106

Title: Fixed Safari compatibility issue

Description: Fixed an issue that would prevent DOCS from opening, returning a security error

Notes: it is possible to use Docs on a Mac


*Issue ID:* DRIV-83

Title: Added Drive maintenance mode handling

Description: Drive now no longer shows items shared by an account in maintenance mode

Notes: drive correctly handles maintenance mode

*Issue ID:* DRIV-933

Title: Fixed Drive last version editor error

Description: Fixed an issue that would cause an error to pop up if a user had a drive object last edited by another user that no longer exists

Notes: erro no longer presents itself

*Issue ID:* DRIV-952

Title: Improved deleted user handling in version

Description: Improved Drive version list so that if a user that edited a file is deleted now "deleted user" is listed in the versions list

Notes: no error is returned

*Issue ID:* DRIV-956

Title: Fixed drive shared folder handling

Description: Fixed an issue that would rend impossible to users to upload files to drive in a shared folder located on a different host

Notes: it is possible to upload files to different zimbra hosts

*Issue ID:* DRIV-988

Title: Drive public share Fix

Description: Fixed an issue that would cause an error to be returned when opening the link of a public shared object

Notes: public shares appear to be working correctly


*Issue ID:* MOB-239

Title: Appointment acceptation date/time fix

Description: On accepting an appointment via Exchange ActiveSync, its date and time changed to the ones of the acceptation. Now this has been fixed.

Notes: works as expected

*Issue ID:* MOB-242

Title: Added mobile custom zimbraId handling

Description: Added support on Mobile for accounts having custon zimbraID uuid

Notes: it is possible to use accounts with custom zimbraId on mobile devices

*Issue ID:* MOB-248

Title: Mobile password management removed from the Admin GUI

Description: The mobile password management has been removed from the Admin GUI to be compliant with the new multiple mobile password management.

Notes: works as expected

*Issue ID:* MOB-254

Title: Mobile calendar location parameters fix

Description: Fixed an issue that would prevend calendar syncronization if a location was set and some fields were not compiled

Notes: locations configured with minimum data no longer cause device sync to fail

*Issue ID:* MOB-255

Title: Mobile mail sender improvement

Description: Improved behavior of mobile module that now predictably uses the main address as sender when personas are configured

Notes: it is possible to predict the sender address when personas are configured

*Issue ID:* MOB-273

Title: Mobile device list Fix

Description: Fixed an issue that would prevent the mobile section of the web admin console to show the list of mobile devices

Notes: a devices list is shown


*Issue ID:* PS-263

Title: S3 volume connections handling improvement

Description: Improved s3 code to reduce the number of http(s) calls to a minimum

Notes: number of http calls appears to be lower


*Issue ID:* TEAMS-1786

Title: Webcam enabling on screen share ending fixed

Description: Fixed the behaviour of the instant meeting that enabled the webcam after a screen sharing session during an instant meeting even if it was disabled before starting the screen share session.

Notes: now the instant meeting behaviour reflects the expectations of the users

*Issue ID:* TEAMS-1819

Title: Added status and avatar unset configuration

Description: It is now possible to edit the user status and unset the avatar picture in the instant messaging settings

Notes: new options are available

*Issue ID:* TEAMS-1835

Title: Instant meeting creation Improvement

Description: When a new instant meeting is created while another one is running all fields now appear empty

Notes: interface behaves as expected

*Issue ID:* TEAMS-1869

Title: Improved connection issue notification

Description: A message is clearly shown when instant messaging is not possible due to connection issues

Notes: issue is clearly reported

*Issue ID:* TEAMS-1930

Title: Added Turkish translation to Team

Description: Instant messaging interface now has Turkish translation

Notes: translation present

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