Zextras Theme for the Zimbra Webclient

This is legacy documentation that is not updated anymore. For the most up to date version, please refer to our Documentation Hub

The Zextras Theme for the Zimbra WebClient is a modern-looking UI theme designed for Zimbra Network Edition and Zimbra Open Source Edition.

It is both compatible with Zimbra 8 (8.6 and higher) and Zimbra 9.

Login Screen
Mail and Team


The Zextras Theme is included in Zextras Suite starting from version 3.1.5, so Zextras Suite users will just need to update their software to obtain the theme.

Zimbra Network Edition and Zimbra Open Source Editon users who are not also Zextras Suite users can freely download the theme from https://www.zextras.com/zextras-theme-zimbra-interface/ and follow the instructions below to install it manually.

If you downloaded the Zextras Installer package before November 30th, 2020 you will need to download it again in order for the option to install the Zextras Theme to appear.

Installation Guide

The Zextras Suite installer will take care of downloading and deploying the theme.

Additionally, the theme can be manually downloaded and installed on all compatible Zimbra Open Source Edition and Zimbra Network Edition versions by following this simple steps:

  • Download the appropriate package for your distro from the Zextras Website.

  • Copy the package to your server.

  • Unpack it by running tar zxvf zextras-theme-*.tgz

  • Run as root: cd zextras-theme-installer && ./install.sh

  • Once the installation is completed, restart the mailboxd service by running su - zimbra -c 'zmmailboxdctl restart'

Enabling the theme

After the installation, users will be able to find the Zextras Theme in their account Preferences under "Appearance".

To enable it, select the "Zextras" entry, save and accept the reload when prompted.

Enable the theme