Zextras Suite Changelog - Release 3.20.0

Release Date of Zextras Suite 3.20.0: Jun 17, 2024


  • Issue ID: AUTH-525

  • Title: Invalid password logging enhancement for custom auth

  • Description: The system now logs invalid password attempts with originating IP when custom:zx authentication is configured.

  • Issue ID: AUTH-534

  • Title: Temporary auth link expiration correction

  • Description: The description for the expiration time of Temporary Auth Links has been corrected to reflect the actual validity period of 5 minutes instead of 12 hours.


  • Issue ID: CO-973

  • Title: Jgroup synchronization improved

  • Description: Improved how Jgroup synchronizes the configuration between the nodes in large environments.

  • Issue ID: CO-1050

  • Title: Integrate domain-based custom login page

  • Description: Now the admin can configure the domain-based custom authentication login page to allow for tailored authentication experiences based on specific domains.


  • Issue ID: MOB-423

  • Title: Calendar invite acceptance on iOS

  • Description: The system now correctly handles the acceptance and rejection of calendar invites via mobile devices using EAS on iOS.

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