Zextras Suite Changelog - Release 3.11.0

Release Date: May 23rd, 2022


  • Issue ID: AUTH-318

  • Title: SAML wrong reports in the logs fixed

  • Description: On login with SAML now the account status is reported in audit.log. Before the fix, Authenticated successful was reported for each zimbraAccountStatus.

  • Issue ID: AUTH-370

  • Title: Logout after temporary link fixed

  • Description: Fixed a bug that threw a 500 HTTP error when performing a logout after opening the webmail with a temporarily link.

  • Issue ID: AUTH-382

  • Title: Auth DB cleaner operation improvement

  • Description: Auth DB cleaner operation no more set the mailboxes in maintenance mode on running. This permits concurrent operations on the mailboxes during the cleanup operation. It is also now possible to modify the scheduled time of the operation from the server’s configuration command.


  • Issue ID: BCK-569

  • Title: doItemSearch command fixed

  • Description: Fixed a bug that prevented the doItemSearch command to work properly. Now the command returns the results according to the given filters.

  • Issue ID: BCK-580

  • Title: External restore operation quota override

  • Description: To make the external restore operation more reliable and avoid errors, now the mailboxes quota is removed during the restore operation. The quota is set back once the operation completes successfully.

  • Issue ID: BCK-651

  • Title: Accounts folder on migrating to external backup fixed

  • Description: A bug that caused the metadata of the accounts to be wrongly uploaded to the bucket’s root folder. Now the metadata files are properly uploaded to the accounts folder.


  • Issue ID: COR-680

  • Title: Right-click on contact and calendar folders fixed for IE11

  • Description: Fixed a bug that prevented the right-click from working properly on contacts and calendars folders using Internet Explorer 11 when com_zextras_client zimlet is enabled.


  • Issue ID: MOB-360

  • Title: ABQ disabled at startup

  • Description: A new abq_enabled_at_startup attribute has been added to the configuration to avoid the ABQ feature being loaded at server startup if not used to save the server’s resources.

  • Issue ID: MOB-362

  • Title: ABQ set command fixed

  • Description: ABQ API has been reworked to fix a bug that prevented the set command from working with devices not already present in the list.


  • Issue ID: PS-329

  • Title: Splitted volumes and buckets creation

  • Description: To make the new volume creation experience simpler for the admins, bucket creation has been split by the volume creation commands. Admins can now create a new bucket and then pass its UUID to the volume creation command.

  • Issue ID: PS-423

  • Title: Mailbox move skips non-local accounts

  • Description: As requested by our customers, now the doMailboxMove operation skips non-local accounts to avoid issues caused by running the command on the wrong server.


  • Issue ID: TEAMS-3656

  • Title: Add tooltip on disabled create button on groups and spaces creation modals

  • Description: In order to let user knows why the create buttons is disabled on the creation modal, it’s been added a tooltip that tells that something is missing or something has to be fixed.

  • Issue ID: TEAMS-3720

  • Title: Minichat are not opening on Suite

  • Description: if user manually opens the minichat, it works, but if the setting is set to automatically open the minichat for each message, it’s not working automatically

  • Issue ID: TEAMS-3722

  • Title: Red dot of camera is kept after meetings on internal mode

  • Description: Using internal mode, the resources are kept after the user close the call. The result is that the tab keep the red-dot on the browser’s tab

  • Issue ID: TEAMS-3727

  • Title: Move room fixed

  • Description: Fixed a bug that caused a room to disappear when moved between the servers.