Zextras Suite Changelog - Release 3.3.0

Release Date: July 12th, 2021


  • Issue ID: AUTH-242

  • Title: SAML session invalidation on logout

  • Description: If provided within the SAML configuration, the logout process now calls the SAML logout endpoint to invalidate the session.

  • Issue ID: AUTH-268

  • Title: Fixed warn notification in the audit log file

  • Description: Added the missing space in the authentication error notification in the audit.log file when a non-existent user logged in to the webmail from the Zextras Suite login page.

  • Issue ID: AUTH-289

  • Title: unable to save the trusted device

  • Description: Before this fix, if two or more users log in using the same browser, there was an error saving the browser ID


  • Issue ID: BCK-575

  • Title: Handle not initialized backup on external restore.

  • Description: Running an external restore without initializing the backup in the destination server now no longer generates errors.

  • Issue ID: BCK-595

  • Title: Skip_domain_provisioning on doExternalRestore operation

  • Description: By default, the skip_domain_provisioning flag now set to false skips all the domain-based attributes on doExternalRestore operation. If users set skip_domain_provisioning to true and the account’s domain is not present, the import fails.

  • Issue ID: BCK-597

  • Title: External restore operation now restores shared contacts

  • Description: Improved the external restore and the fixShares operations so they can restore shared contacts in groups too.


  • Issue ID: COR-604

  • Title: New config commands

  • Description: With new configuration commands, users can now use set, get, and unset commands.


  • Issue ID: DELEG-38

  • Title: Now in Browse Logs window of Admin tab links to the new wiki

  • Description: Updated Admin section “Browse Logs” link from the old wiki to the latest documentation page.


  • Issue ID: MOB-343

  • Title: Users can now define the folders to exclude from Active Sync

  • Description: Users can now exclude a folder, except any of the system folders, from Active Sync.


  • Issue ID: PS-318

  • Title: Indexing delayed on endpoints unavailability

  • Description: When the indexing endpoints are unavailable, the indexing is delayed, and the failure count is updated.

  • Issue ID: PS-320

  • Title: Notify the admin if the indexing extraction tool’s endpoint is unavailable

  • Description: A notification now informs the admins when none of the indexing extraction’s endpoints is unavailable.


  • Issue ID: TEAMS-2559

  • Title: Improved video server command’s help output

  • Description: When users run the video server command without parameters, a list of options with descriptions appears as output instead of an error.

  • Issue ID: TEAMS-2842

  • Title: Conversation scroll on new messages fixed

  • Description: Fixed a bug that prevented conversations from scrolling on receiving new messages while the is writing bubble is present.

  • Issue ID: TEAMS-2850

  • Title: A notification now informs the users when someone mutes them.

  • Description: Users now receive a notification when someone mutes them. This notification remains as an alert until users acknowledge it.

  • Issue ID: TEAMS-2889

  • Title: Limited “add member” functionality to groups only to moderators.

  • Description: With API version 14, the “add member” functionality is limited to groups and restricted only to moderators.

  • Issue ID: TEAMS-2931

  • Title: “MuteForAll” button has been limited only to moderators

  • Description: Only moderators can now mute other people in a group, space, or channel meeting.