Zextras Suite Changelog - Release 3.12.0

Release Date: Jul 11th, 2022


  • Issue ID: AUTH-402

  • Title: MustChangePassword not evaluated for the application credentials

  • Description: Password change is no more considered when using application credentials or QR code-based authentication for the apps


  • Issue ID: BCK-644

  • Title: Skip backup of distribution lists and dynamic groups

  • Description: A new attribute backupSkipDLAndDynamicGroups has been added so it is now possible to skip the backup for distribution lists and dynamic groups in order to improve backup time

  • Issue ID: BCK-667

  • Title: Improved error handling for the purge operation

  • Description: Improved the error handling when running a purge and the ZxBackup_DataRetentionDays attribute has an invalid value

  • Issue ID: BCK-668

  • Title: Backup volume handler fixed

  • Description: Fixed a bug that prevented to update the S3 backup volume


  • Issue ID: PS-437

  • Title: Purge of centralized volumes blobs fixed

  • Description: Fixed a bug that prevented the blobs to be purged from a centralized volume when moving a mailbox from a server with that centralized volume configured to another server that doesn’t have it