Zextras Suite Changelog - Release 3.15.0

Release Date: Dec 26th, 2022


  • Issue ID: BCK-593

  • Title: Accounts order in external restore honoured

  • Description: ExternalRestore follows the order of the accounts provided in the accounts or input_file parameter

  • Issue ID: BCK-618

  • Title: getAvailableAccount command output to file

  • Description: The getAvailableAccount command now provides a parameter to generate a file and to choose the headers.

  • Issue ID: BCK-676

  • Title: UUID support for external restore operation

  • Description: Now the external restore operation supports the accounts UUID for both the accounts parameter and in an input file.


  • Issue ID: DRIV-1695

  • Title: Preview performance improved

  • Description: The preview is no more offered for documents larger than 10 Mb and images larger than 20 Mb to avoid server resources consumption and possible crashes.


  • Issue ID: MOB-395

  • Title: Exceptions in recurring calendars synchronization fixed

  • Description: Fixed a bug that caused the exceptions in recurring calendars to be not synchronized properly via EAS.

  • Issue ID: MOB-396

  • Title: Appointments replies synchronization fixed for iOS

  • Description: Fixed a bug that caused iOS mobile devices to synchronize replies to calendar appointments multiple times.


  • Issue ID: PS-350

  • Title: Underscore from the bucket types removed

  • Description: Underscores have been removed from object storage types such as CustomS3 and ScalityS3.


  • Issue ID: TEAMS-3951

  • Title: Instant meeting link redirected to the Team app

  • Description: On mobile devices, manage the redirect to the Team app when the user tap on a meeting link from outside the application.

  • Issue ID: TEAMS-3952

  • Title: Landing page for instant meeting on mobiles

  • Description: When a user tap on an instant meeting link from a mobile device is now redirected to a stylish landing page