Installation Scenarios

Installation Scenarios#

This section currently features two installation scenarios: a Single-Server, with all Roles installed on the same Node and a Five Nodes, which is suitable for small infrastructure. The Single-Server is suggested for an infrastructure that does not feature all Roles or for demo and testing environments. The Single-Server can be installed using a bash script included in the Scenario’s description.

More scenarios will be added in the future, to cover infrastructures of different size.

If you plan to install and use the Video Server, you should consider deploying the 5 Nodes scenario, because the Carbonio VideoServer requires a considerable amount of resources.

If you installed Carbonio CE on multiple Nodes, you can add a Directory Replica to increase reliability of the Mesh and Directory Role.

Before starting the installation, bear in mind to:

  • Always start with the installation of Mesh and Directory Roles

  • When installing multiple Roles on a Node, the tasks listed in Bootstrap Carbonio* and Join Carbonio Mesh steps can be made only once, after all packages of the Roles have been installed