Create New Domain

Create New Domain#

To create a new domain, fill in the form that opens upon clicking the CREATE button.

Options for Domain acme.example

Two types of options are available during the creation of a new domain:

  • General information

    The only mandatory data to supply it the domain name, which is its FQDN. All other data are optional and can be set at a later point.

    Important options that can be configured during the domain creation are the total number of accounts that can be managed for the domain and the e-mail quota. Also a description can be added.

  • GAL settings

    Except for the GAL mode, currently only Internal, it is possible to define the account used to synchronise GAL information, the mail server used, which must be on the same domain (or in a compatible one, i.e., in a valid alias URL, see section Virtual Hosts & Certificate below).

The image below shows how a sample domain is created.


Further configuration option for the domain, including how to configure authentication and accounts in the domain, can be found in the Details section.