Setting Features from CLI

Setting Features from CLI#

In this section we describe a few commands to query of modify the availability of some Carbonio CE component at COS or account level via the CLI, and therefore is the counterpart of Carbonio Admin Panel sections COS / features and Domains / Accounts / Edit.

The following attributes are available, that control if the feature is available to a user or COS.

Attribute and defaults values


carbonioFeatureMailsAppEnabled, TRUE

The Mails component is available on mobile apps.

carbonioFeatureFilesEnabled: TRUE

The Carbonio Files component is available.

carbonioFeatureFilesAppEnabled: TRUE

The Carbonio Files component is available on mobile apps.

zimbraFeatureOptionsEnabled: FALSE

The Settings module is available to a user.

In order to modify these values, you can use or adapt the following commands

  • Disable the Mails App for account johnsmith@acme.example.

    zextras$ carbonio prov modifyAccount johnsmith@acme.example carbonioFeatureMailsAppEnabled FALSE
  • Check whether the Carbonio Files component is enabled in COS default.

    zextras$ carbonio prov getCos default carbonioFeatureFilesEnabled
    #name default
    carbonioFeatureFilesEnabled: TRUE
  • The Settings module is available by default to all users; to hide it and prevent a user to access it, use the command

    zextras$ carbonio prov ma zimbraFeatureOptionsEnabled FALSE

    To show it again to the user, replace FALSE with TRUE in the command.