Disable ClamAV

Disable ClamAV#

There are scenarios in which an Administrator wants to or needs to disable Carbonio CE’s internal anti-virus engine, ClamAV, for example when using an external, company-wide anti-virus engine or for troubleshooting some MTA’s issue in a test environment. To disable ClamAV, first disable amavis (which is invoked by ClamAV to check e-mails). Both tasks must be executed from the CLI.

Disable amavis

Execute the following commands as the zextras user to disable amavis from the CLI

zextras$ carbonio prov mcf carbonioAmavisDisableVirusCheck TRUE

Restart the service to make sure the new value is picked up by the system

zextras$ zmamavisdctl restart

You can check at any time the status of the variable and of the service with

zextras$ carbonio prov gcf carbonioAmavisDisableVirusCheck


If you never modified the value of the variable, this command may return no output, meaning that amavis is running.

Disable ClamAV

To disable ClamAV, execute the following commands as the root user to mask the service

# systemctl mask carbonio-clamav-sidecar.service

Since the systemd unit is masked, it will not be restarted during future upgrades. You need to explicitly unmask it before enabling it again.

Now, restart system-discovery to let it pick up the change

# systemctl restart service-discover

Finally, as the zextras user, let Carbonio CE make sure that the antivirus service is disabled.

zextras$ zmprov ms $(zmhostname) -zimbraServiceEnabled antivirus

Optionally, you can also remove the ClamAV definition file for service-discover (this will be restored during future ClamAV upgrades, though)

# rm /etc/zextras/service-discover/carbonio-clamav.hcl