Disable ClamAV

Disable ClamAV#

There are scenarios in which an Administrator wants to or needs to disable Carbonio CE’s internal anti-virus engine, amavis, for example when using an external anti-virus engine or for troubleshooting some MTA’s issue in a test environment.

In these cases, the status of amavis can be manually disabled from the CLI using command

zextras$ carbonio prov mcf carbonioAmavisDisableVirusCheck TRUE

Restart the service to make sure the new value is picked up by the system

zextras$ zmamavisdctl restart

You can check at any time the status of the variable and of the service with

zextras$ carbonio prov gcf carbonioAmavisDisableVirusCheck


If you never modified the value of the variable, this command may return no output, meaning that amavis is running.