Install Packages#


In case you install this Role on a Node which already features the Mesh and Directory Role, make sure you do not install the service-discover-agent package.

# apt install carbonio-preview-ce service-discover-agent
# dnf install carbonio-preview-ce service-discover-agent

Bootstrap Carbonio#

Launch the Carbonio bootstrap process

# carbonio-bootstrap

During the process, you need to provide these values, which you can retrieve from the first Mesh and Directory node.

  • Ldap master host is the FQDN of the first Mesh and Directory node, (example:

  • Ldap Admin password is obtained from the first Mesh and Directory node (ldap-admin-password)

Join Carbonio Mesh#

Carbonio Mesh will install as an agent, that connects and communicates with the server. The configuration for the agent is created by launching command

# service-discover setup-wizard

This command will:

  • ask for the IP address and netmask of the current Node

  • ask for the Carbonio Mesh secret, which is stored in file /var/lib/service-discover/password on the Directory Leader node.

After the configuration has completed successfully, run the following command, again using the secret.

# pending-setups -a

Configure Memcached#

To allow Carbonio Preview to operate correctly, you need to edit file /etc/carbonio/preview/config.ini and search for variables nginx_lookup_servers_full_path_urls and memcached_server_full_path_urls, which are one after the other, towards the end of the file.

1nginx_lookup_server_full_path_urls =
2memcached_server_full_path_urls =

Make sure that:

  • in line 1, protocol is https and the IP address is the address of the Mailstore & Provisioning Node, which is

    • also specify the port used by Preview, 7072

  • in line 2, the IP ( of the Proxy Node is written, to allow access to Memcached

    • also specify the port used by Memcached, 11211

  • in case you have multiple Mailstore & Provisioning or Proxy Nodes, add all of them as a comma-separated list, for example:

    nginx_lookup_server_full_path_urls =,
    memcached_server_full_path_urls =,