Scenario A: 5 Nodes

Scenario A: 5 Nodes#

This five nodes scenario (depicted in Fig. 2) involves the presence of a single tenant.

Before starting the installation, bear in mind to:

  • Always start with the installation of Mesh and Directory Roles

  • When installing multiple Roles on a Node, the tasks listed in Bootstrap Carbonio and Join Carbonio Mesh steps can be made only once, after all packages of the Roles have been installed


You can skip the installation of Nodes 4 and 5 if you do not need Docs Editor, Files, Chats, and Video Calls.


Fig. 2 The architecture of the 5 Nodes Scenario.#

Roles Installation#

Node 1

Node Name/FQDN:

Type of services: Clustered services

Roles installed:

Node 2

Node Name/FQDN:

Type of services: Proxy and MTA

Roles installed:

Node 3

Node Name/FQDN:

Type of services: Mails, Calendars, and Contacts

Roles installed:

Node 4

Node Name/FQDN:

Type of services: Files, Preview, and Editing

Roles installed:

Node 5

Node Name/FQDN:

Type of services: Video and Meeting

Roles installed:

Network configuration#

The following ports must be opened on the external network, i.e., they are required for proper access to Carbonio CE from the Internet.

Table 2 Opened ports in Scenario A.#

Public hostname

Ports & Service


  • TCP 25/465/587 SMTP/S

  • TCP 80/443 HTTP/S

  • TCP 143/993 IMAP/S

  • TCP 110/995 POP/S

  • TCP 8636 LDAP Addresbook

  • UDP 20000/40000 Video Streaming