Carbonio User Guides

Carbonio User Guides#

This section contains general advices about the most common tasks and functionalities of the various Carbonio CE components. The following components have dedicated sections featuring more information, howtos, and best practices:

  • Quick Search And Create New Objects Functionalities: search for any item or create a new one

  • Preview files without the need to save them in advance

  • Mails, the core component of Carbonio CE

  • Calendars: manage your appointments and share them with colleagues

  • Contacts, to collect and organise your e-mail addresses

  • Files is used to create, share, and collaborate on documents

  • Tasks: define simple activities and reminders

  • Search completes the Quick Search functionality

  • Settings is the place where to customise all Carbonio CE options

All functionalities provided by Zextras Carbonio CE are available after logging in to the mailbox; access to the mailbox only requires using a supported browser on any device, provided it is connected to the Internet.


For a better use of the Carbonio CE features, it is recommended to use an up-to-date version of Firefox or Chrome browsers.

On Mobile devices, dedicated application can be used to access specific functionalities of Carbonio CE.

Use the URL of your webmail to access the login page and provide your credentials:

  • Username: your e-mail address

  • Password: the same password associated with your username


We use the URL to denote our fictitious domain and mailbox. Whenever you find it, remember to replace it with the URL of your mailbox.

Lost password, what to do?

In case you lose your password, there is a method to gain temporary access to the webmail, provided the Administrator has activated the functionality. On the login page, click the Forget Password? link and enter your username. You will then be asked whether you still have access to the configured recovery account: if so, click the SEND RECOVERY CODE button and in a few minutes you will receive a temporary token that allows you to access the webmail. If the recovery address is not correct, or if you found the password in the meantime, you can return to the login page.


This procedure works for at most ten times, so do not use it too much!

This functionality does not yet allow you to supply a new password, but you can contact the Administrator once you access the webmail and ask the Administrator to change it for you: afterwards, you can by yourself in the Settings module.

Once logged in, the user will be on the Home screen from which he can access all the features of his mailbox.

The features of Carbonio CE are grouped in several modules, each accessible from the menu on the left-hand side of IRIS, Carbonio CE default web interface. At a glance, they are:


Manage your inbox and e-mails; add filter and sub-folders.


Plan your activities and appointments, share them with colleagues and find their shared calendars.


Display all the information related to contacts and distribution lists.


Share documents with colleagues (optional component).


A powerful search engine across all modules of the mailbox.


Define your preferences to customise the appearance of your mailbox and its daily operating functionalities.

Additionally, all the functionalities to search for objects in the mailbox and to create new objects in the various modules have been unified.

The remainder of this section contains usage instructions for the most common tasks that can be carried out from Carbonio CE’s GUI.