Quick Search And Create New Objects Functionalities

Quick Search And Create New Objects Functionalities#


Fig. 10 The top bar of Carbonio CE, used to search for objects and to create new ones.#

In Carbonio CE, the functionalities to create new objects (email, contacts, calendar appointments and events, and so on) and to search have been integrated into the top bar. For example, it is possible to create a new calendar appointment while reading e-mails or search for contacts when planning an event on calendar.

To do so, use Carbonio CE’s top bar, shown in Fig. 10. Click the blue NEW button to create a new object in the module you are currently in (i.e., while in the calendar, create a new appointment) or the to create a new object in another module.

The search works in a similar way: the white button on the right-hand side of the NEW button, which changes label depending on the current module, can be used to search in the module the string provided in the text box. Click the to search in a different module. A more advanced search is available in the Advanced search module.