Contact Groups and Distribution Lists

Contact Groups and Distribution Lists#

Contact Groups#

This page contains the list of contact groups created by the user. When selecting a group, on the right-hand side of the page shows its members and icons: to compose a mail to the member or copy the e-mail address.

Buttons above the group name allow to send e-mail to all members, edit the group members (i.e., add or remove them), or delete the group.

A group name can be used as a recipient of an e-mail: you write the group name as To, CC, or BCC recipient, and it will be replaced by the e-mail address of each member.

Contact groups can be created by adding either contacts stored in the Contacts module or arbitrary addresses, even belonging to other domains. after writing an e-mail address, remember to click the on the right-hand side of the address.

Distribution lists#

Distribution lists are list used to send e-mails to multiple users within the organisation. The left-hand side menu shows of which lists a user is a Member or a Manager

As a Member, clicking on a list will open a panel on the right-hand side including information about the list:

  • Details: name and description

  • Member list: the number and the e-mail addresses of the members. Icons allow to send a direct e-mail to the member or copy the address. Filter allow to search for members.

  • Manager List: the e-mail address(es) of the list manager(s)

Moreover, clicking the SEND E-MAIL button on the top right corner will open the e-mail composer to send a mail to the list.

A list Manager has also the ability to EDIT the list: changing its name and description, adding or removing members.